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after it all...i got called fat last nite!


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Did you ask him where his seeing eye dog was?! :mad: What a complete and utter moron - don't let him pee on your cornflakes honey :hug99:


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"don't let him pee on your cornflakes honey "
what a fantastic statement :D

you are beautiful. sounds to me like his mate didn't want him chatting you up for some reason... nothing to do with you. and the guy talking to you obviously didn't think so!! ignore arses like that babes. there's better people around. he just isn't worth of your consideration!!

abz xx
Some people are just plain STOOOOPID.After all that hard work you can't help but feel peeed off.But don't let the small mindedness of people get you down
Well done!!


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He must of been blind, sounds like small man syndrome trying to make himself sound big and clever infront of his mates.
Ignore the stupid boys in this world unfortunately there are a fair few around.
You are gorgeous hun forget it.


You should have replied "Fat people can lose weight, shame your friend can't do anything to gain a brain!". lol


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omg..!! im in shock.. ive looked at all the pics you've put on here and i think you're bloody gawjus.. stupid stupid guy.. dont know what the frig he was talking about..
people like that make me right angry..
forgot about them doll. we all think you're proper lush

x x


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Hey , nice to see a post from you , better off without those two . How have you been ? Just stay happy girl !
I just read what you written to my neice, and she is 9 and she said...BOYS ARE SO STUPID! so in a 9 yr olds head, listen to her, that boy is stupid, if you allow it to get to you, he wins! and he probably said that cos he liked you, boys do say the opposite, especially when they don't have a cat in hells chance with a babe like you hun! phewww is what Emma said!


xPink Princess!x
omg! u r totally beautiful! even b4 u lost weight! ignore the stupid fools his m8 was probably jealous coz he wanted u! boys can be total arses at times!

p.s u are my total inspiration! xxx


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fat2fab - unfortunately boys know that saying girls are fat is one of the worst insults we can get as it hurts our self esteem so much. It's probably just his fave way of insulting women...a reflection on him, not on skinny you!
men are mean hun! if somebody can tell you are self conscious, then they will play on it and try and make you feel horrible! you are stunning, very very pretty face x
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what a wa*k*r :)

You are gorgeous, Good riddance to tw*ts like that!!!

Love Nasx x
i went out last nite and some boy tried to talk to me and his mate told him to leave it cos i was fat!!!!!!im so miserable!!!!!!

There is nothing like bruising the ego of a man. :D

Firstly it isnt an insult to be fat. That said, you are not fat.

Secondly, you rebuffed the advances of a man. His knob of a mate took umbrage at this, so he could think of nothing else to say other than you being fat. I suspect any adjective would have sufficed last night .... if you weren't fat you wouldv'e been a "minger", "chav", "ugly" the list goes on.

Don't worry about it. You had a lucky escape. You're best off being without a man who's friends are nasty mysoginists.

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