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after looking through

We went away last weekend my husband drank 500mls, he had a ceaser salad with sauce cheese and croutons on saturday night, he had bacon and fried eggs with a bite out of a danish pastry sunday morning and a macdonalds burger sunday evening - i had nothin atall he lost 5lb i lost 4. He was still in ketosis.
everybody is different he was lucky - i was too scared to come out of ketosis so i walked on water.


Staying on plan!
after living on diet pepsi for years, i went cold tukey with it for CD in case it kicked me out of ketosis. Anyway, the other night i was carrying some drinks and some diet pepsi slopped onto my hand, and i automatically licked it. gross yeah, but just had to!
.............and it was DISGUSTING!!!!
tasted just like liquid sweeteners. Has put me right off!!! lol
coke zero knocked me straight out of ketosis so my advice is to avoid it at all costs, however other people don't seem to be affected by it.
I suppose it depends on whether you want to take the risk or not?!

how are you doing today emm??



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coke zero knocked me straight out of ketosis so my advice is to avoid it at all costs, however other people don't seem to be affected by it.
I suppose it depends on whether you want to take the risk or not?!

how are you doing today emm??

Thanks hunni, im ok still feeling very very tired, drained infact so im not trying to get back on the wagon till monday, Ive also been having hot and cold sweats again so hopefully come monday i will be feeling alot better :)

Hows you doing today hunni xxx

Mrs B

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I have coke zero and tesco own brand cola. I don't have a lot maybe a couple of cans a week. I used to drink 2l a day!!! It keeps me going.
so your going to attempt s.s next week when you feel better then? Probably the best idea, there isnt much point trying to do such a restrictive diet when you don't feel well. Its hard enough without being ill!!

I'm good, glad to be coming to the end of day 5, its been fine though however its around 9pm where I feel slightly hungry but luckily I've been able to just ignore it!!

yeah but I don't really write on it anymore......well haven't done in about 8 months hehe. I first did c.d last september and lasted till dec, but I was at uni and it was ruining my social life so I came off it from dec to now and I've luckily managed to maintain my weight(give or take a few pounds!) but now that uni is over I want to loose the last stone-2 stone!

How are you finding it so far?

I'm doing well :) lost 7 lbs in my first week, and 3.5 inches from my waist!

Haven't really had many nasty side effects or anything, though I've had a bit of the munchies today :p but I've ignored it.

Deiced I'm going to keep away from bars as long as I can so I lose the weight faster, I don't really miss solids that much tbh and I can have a muffin if I do :p

Come back to us on MSE! :D I post on there every day, lol.

Hows things going for you so far then?

Jenni x
oh well done on the weight and inch loss-I love it when you loose inches it feels so good!!!

I would but nobody seems to post on there very much anymore, that c&q woman is a bit intense too, doesn't seem to accept the fact that not everyone finds cambridge as easier as she does!

From what I can gather she got kicked off minimins for some reason.....!

I'd agree with staying off the bars, I think they hinder your weightloss although other people find them ok. your lucky not to have had any side effects, the first time I did c.d I was weak everytime I stood up in the first week but then it got much better. This time I haven't had any side effects, apart from a grumbling tummy every now and then, but like you I've been ignoring it ;)

How much have you got to loose?

Aww, I like her. :)
She's a fountain of information, she knows everything about CD!
Though I agree with the intense comment :p

Yeah I felt a bit weak for the first day or two, but I'm fine now.

They say you're not supposed to feel hungry after a few days but I still do sometimes :p

My goal is 9 stone, and I'm currently 11 stone 4, so just over 2 stone to lose (that sounds much better than when it was nearly 3 stone to lose! :p)
But I'll probably stop when I'm a size 8/10, so it could be more or less than that.

Do you have a timeframe for losing your last 1-2 stone?

I want to be able to wear a bikini on 18th August (going to Center Parcs!)

Jenni x
yeah she is a fountain of knowledge, you're right about that!

ummm I don't really have a set date or anything, I just want it off asap. Its 2 of my best friend's joint 21st birthday party on the 1st of August so it would be nice to have at least a stone off by then...I'm sure its doable! The problem is that I have a few social events coming up that I can't avoid eating at so I'm just going to have to really try and stick to low carbs and pray I don't knock myself out of ketosis!

9st sounds like a good weight, you'll be there in no time and I'm sure you'll be in that bikini! Even if you haven't lost it all by then just think how much better you'll look than if you never did cambridge-thats the way I try and think about things anyway :)

I like that mindset :)
I think I'll use it :)

Just stick to the chicken, quorn, fish, fruit & veg etc and it may set you back 1 or 2 lbs but that's not much in the grand scheme of things. :)
I'm taking up yoga so even if I don't lose all my weight I'll still be fairly toned.

I want to have lost a few more inches by 3rd of July (2 weeks from now exactly!) cause I'm going to Alton Towers with my friend and I want to wear a tight top and not have to hold my stomach in too much :p haha.

A stone in over a month should be no problem! You normally lose a stone in the first 2-3 weeks, so if you start soon then you'll have lost more than a stone by then! :)

Jenni x
oh I've already started, I went back onto it on sunday using my old packs and then saw my councillor on tue evening for my official weigh in, her scales weighed me at 11.6lbs so we'll just see how I do, mine are saying 11.2 at the minute but I just want to wait until then!!
Yeah I'm going to try and stick to 'allowable' foods but one of the social occasions is a WHOLE weekend at my friends house and we're doing all this stuff with her family where I really can't expect tofu etc.. so just going to do my best to avoid bread etc..but like you said it will come off soon enough, might even kick my metabolism into touch and make me loose more weight the next week(that used to happen to me last time I did c.d) just hate getting back into ketosis :(

I'm sure you'll be able to wear that tight top at alton towers, and you shouldn't need to breathe in! once you get into the first week and a half your stomach feels and looks so much flatter, I love that feeling!!

Oooh I hope so!
My stomach hasnt been flat in such a long time :p

I used to say that it was OK as long as I couldn't see my stomach when I looked down (as in, cause my boobs were in the way) but then when I could I didn't do anything about it :p

I have to get myself into the mindset that it's NOT ok to be fat, and then I should maintain OK :)

I think it was abz, who noticed that when our jeans were getting too tight, we got the next size up instead of losing weight and that's sooo true!
So I need to work on that before I come off CD completely :)

I might just throw out my size 14/16 clothes :p (apart from the ones I'm giving to sunnysmile! :))

Jenni x
I know I'll do it cause I have sooo much determination not to cheat after I did on Sunday, and I'm sorting out all the weekends away I'm having so I can do SS+ (with a meal).

Good luck to you too! :)

Jenni x