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Hi, i did CD last yr and lasted 3 weeks - not due to the diet but financial problems.

Well a year later and im even heavier and jean size larger than when i started last time and something has got to give now.

So i start my CD journey again in January, new yr fresh start, with my 2008 yr behind me which im glad of.

2008 started with a new job which in the end i left due to sick of being treated like an idiot. Then which my auntie died which really got to me. Financial problems lead me to bankruptcy :cry:. Then my dog was poisoned :wave_cry: still trying to get over that! and the joy of depression :eek:. Well im coming out of the other side a better person now.

So yes it all made me eat eat eat :rolleyes:

So im here now a size 22 over 18 stone at 5ft 7.

ive emailed my counsellor who is lovely and hopefully should be starting on 3rd jan :D

So HELLO everyone!
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This time
hello Katie

I started yesterday couldnt wait any longer and will deal with xmas when it comes :D:sigh: not looking forward to it. :eek:

I have done the diet before and lasted 2 weeks not good eh.

anyway good luck and hope to see your weight loss when you start.


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aww so sorry to hear you have gone through so much...but you can do this you sound like you in the right frame of mind,i put on a skirt yesterday and it fell of me!!was so pleased and i have only been on doet 6 weeks!!!!u can do this