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Aggghhhh normal alpen bars help

Oh really even chocolate ones? Thats interesting!! :) anyone any idea about normal alpens? I accidently have been eating them instead of light ones I did think they were yummy!! Silly silly mee!!
Just checked there again and it says 1 weetabix all variety is heb, the ordinary alpens are 5 syns, but the light ones are 3 syns if not using as healthy option, so I'm sure the ordinary Alpen is ok, as a b option because two of the lights are more syns ?!!! Who knows maybe I'm wrong


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No - the ordinary alpen cereal bar is definitely not a HEB and so would need to be synned. it's not just about calories, it's the fibre content and how much the ingredients are processed that matters.
Ok Thanks I did guess to be honest was trying my luck gutted Ive been eating them and didn't realise they weren't lights oopppps!! Where are you gettting that all weetabix are healthy options, I checked slimming world website but couldn't see anywhere, my consultant said a while ago to have choc ones you needed to add 2 syns to your healthy option xx
When u go in to syn online and new latest healthy options , and put in cereal bars, at the end it says 1 weetabix all varieties !! So I'm presuming tat means ch oc too!! Are they very nice , have them bought but not tasted yet


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I think there is a bit of confusion here between weetabix cereals and weetabix oaty bars

The weetabix cereal is 2 biscuits = HEB or HEB+2syns for the chocolate ones

The weetabix oaty cereal bars are 1=HEB all flavours (strawberry, white chocolate or milk chocolate) - but to be honest they are only 3.5 syns so you might as well syn them and use your HEB for something more substantial

Hope that helps
Help, I had one of the alpine bars, fruit & nut & milk chic but only noticed after it's not a light one. Can anyone tell me the syn value. Had counted it as a hexb, but I guess not :(
I've done the same,I bought 2 boxes from Morrisons and only realised when I got home they was the normal ones.....very annoyed

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