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Ah i start tomorrow!


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My meeting with my CDC is tomorrow morning so i thought i am going to start tomorrow instead of Monday, that way i wont be as irritable/grumpy/headachey/faint at work for long, seeing as i run around all day!

Any advice welcome! I already know i have to drink over 2l of water a day, but what else? How can i distract myself when i feel a craving going on? Bearing in mind that i do not do walks in the dark as i'm a wimp lol :8855:
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heya best of luck for tomorrow :) i restarted today and have a headache already !! you could have a nicr relaxing bath, watch a film or something :) paint your nails. and if all that fails go to bed thats what i do!!


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good luck for tomorrow. i have just started today, it's going OK i think so far... i'm not hungry at all, which is strange, but i do feel quite horrible. not sure if that is due to the diet though or whether it is because i had 3 hours of sleep last night, but it's going well so can't complain.
i think as long as you space out your shakes all should be good, i have so far had two, so going to have the 3rd at 9ish, they are really nice which I am surprised with!
i drink a lot of water normally, but i am not enjoying drinking so much water at the moment mainly because i am so paranoid as i'm counting how much i drink etc, but i am a paranoid person anyway!
so to cut my rambelling short, good luck! don't think about food! (maybe i am not hungry because i actually have no food in the house, so there is nothing i can do about it!)


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Lol kateykat, my house is still full of food cos i live with four other people! However, i have gotten rid of all my junk and snack food that bf wont eat!


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i figured that only cooking for myself was sure to help me! one thing i would recommend though is getting these ketosis sticks that the cdcs have, because i have been sitting here for about 2 hours now thinking 'i wonder if i am in ketosis' even though i know i won't be until day 3 ish, it would just satisfy my curiosity so well!
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ive just given my mum all the xmas chocs, sweets, and lovely things lol, im not that tempted but its nice to know there not in the house anymore, and anyway i was sick of the kids eating them, i just kept thinking to myself how unhealthy it all is for them so going to stock up on fruit and yogurts for them tomorrow!

For people that get hungry during the day, you can split your shakes in half, just measure the powder out with a spoon and put half back in the pack, at least you will have 6 meals to look forward to instead of 3 lol
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I am so glad I'm not alone with removing all the Christmas goodies from the house. My husband nearly started crying when I tried to give the chocolates away so we've compromised and he's locked them in the boot of his car!?!

Chocolates are my downfall so I couldn't risk having any in the house!?!


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well done, and good luck with your cdc tomorrow

I haven;t found it too bad, think I must be into ketosis now (day 5) as not hungry at all, more the smells of food! I have hubby and 2 young children so cooking them meals I don't like so much:p although hubby is being good and helping!

All the best xx

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