Ahhh i can't do this :(

Hi guys i am new here :wave_cry:

I am a bit stuck.. right basically i have 8stone to lose. I am 5'11 and i weigh 20 stone :( i am disgusted with myself. I put on the weight with my first pregnancy, then went on weight watchers and lost 7stone but i fell pregnant again and put it all back on and haven't lost it since.. my daughter is 2 now :eek:

Pleasse help me.. i can't redo weightwatchers it seem's i have gotten used 2 it and get very bored with it. I tried slimming world but i just don't get it. I really can't afford these groups either as money is really tight and i am a single parent.

I am so lonely at night i just eat. iI binge and i get antzy if i go without sugar..But i can eat 250g bar o dairy milk and keep going.. i am going to end up doing myself so much damage.. please i am begging.. some1 help me with this weight!

i am desperate 2 be slim. I asked my dr and he said it's fine :( but that really doesn't help me!

My tummy is so heavy.

i miss horse riding and being active like that.

Thanks guys :D x
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needs to get out more!
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Hi Tink,

Welcome to minimins!! This website is great and everyone is really supportive. Loads of people will be able to give you good advice and support you on your weight loss journey.
It is really difficult to lose weight unless you REALLY want to and it sounds from your post like you REALLY want too.

Money being tight and all, have you thought about using what you know from WW and doing your own thing? (I dont understand slimming world either - but I know loads of people swear by it!!) Have a nosy round the website - there are loads of people in your position and loads of people who were in your position too. (emotional eating, being a single parent, being lonely etc)

It is tough, but like I said there are loads of people who have loads of great advice (far better than mine!). You are not alone!!

Thanku so much for the reply sweetie :)
Well i am looking up Lighterlife at the mo.. what is that like? I am just sceptical of any diets that require a meal substitute or pill due 2 my bodies need 2 have side effects so much! lol!! 1 thing is for sure.. a diet of choc and milk is likely 2 kill me :( xx


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Hey there doll.. welcome to minimins.. if you check out the lighterlife section.. the lipotrim or the cambridge.. they're all meal replacement.. and tbh.. thy're all fab.. ive seen them change peoples lives forever.. they are 100% of your daily vitamins and minerals.. etc.. but there is of course WW.. do you have all your books still?
a diet of choc and milk does sound nice like.. lol.. wish i could do it and lose weight.. hehe..

Loooadsa love

Cat x x
Hiya :D
Well i have just seen that it is £66 :-s which really does mean i can't affordit.. i think i am gonna give weight watchers from home, a go BUT 2 kick me up the jacksy.. i am going 2 use it 2 raise money for the International league for the protection of horses... hmmm how do i get sponsers lol haha ahhh!! i must do it!!!! xxx


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aaaaw.. thats a lovely thought.. cambridge and lipotrim are about 36ish a week.. which i always worked out at cheaper than i would spend on food.. but WW is a fantastic diet too.. and if you've done it.. you obv know it well.. which is always a good thing.. hehe

x x
hmmmmm £36.. i just get told so many horror stories frm these food replacement diets it's scared me a bit :eek:


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i researched before i did it.. as did many people here.. you should just read up first if it worries you.. at least its somthing that would put your mind at rest.. i miss doing it now im pregnant.. and i wish i could do it.. but obv.. cant.. lol.. not right now anyways.. i do really love the diet.. but then im a firm believer in theres a certain diet for everyone..
x x
Hey i agree! and weight watchers wrked for me but i just g0t lazy with it now :rolleyes: haha!!! bless me!! i will see how i go with it though!! xx

congrats on being pregnant hun!! x


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Good luck honey..!! theres a WW section and it has loads of stickys in there with really good advice and points n stuff.. you should even get yourself a diary to jot down stuff.. sometimes its easier when you have somewhere just to unload on.. if you know what i mean.. lol..

Hope to see you bopping round on here more.. =).. off to bed now.. hehe..

night doll x x


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You can do this. A vlcd that completely breaks you link with food is the only way forward. Cambridge Diet is the cheapest. It costs about £35 a week for all your food. It might sound expensive but it works and you have take away the money you are spending on food at the moment, and chocolate. And you won't need to buy new clothes as you will soon get into all your old ones. Think about it. It really is worth it.


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the side effects like headache's and tiredness only are during the first week and they go. some people have noticed hair falling out and that. but once you are finished the diet it will grow back.

When i started cd i didnt have any nasty side effects during week one. i never felt more happier and full of live i had lots of energy. Im on ww now but plan to restart cd in jan.

its ok to be scared and you have to do what diet is best for you hun :) xx


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Welcome Tinkerbell - if you decide on Cambridge there are lots of us CDC's on site as well as many successful CD dieters.

If you've done WW before - why not go back to that forst though and join the WW section on here .... again we have some fantastic WW people on here who have lost loads and will help you along the way.

Good luck with whatever you decide.


needs to get out more!
S: 14st13lb C: 12st12lb G: 9st13lb BMI: 30 Loss: 2st1lb(13.88%)
I found Slim fast good and an easy way to lose weight (and the shakes and bars tasted good too)! Dont know if there are any side effects linked to it tho.

I had a friend on Lighter Life who looks fantastic & didnt suffer from any side effects, where as her husband tried LL too and it made him really ill, so its worth finding a diet that suits you.