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Ahhhh Bisto ;)

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by xJox, 9 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. xJox

    xJox Full Member

    I was just wondering how u all put syn values to gravy, my mum makes a huge sunday lunch for the whole family and just makes a huge jug of gravy, I'm still new to slimming world and was wanting to know the best way to syn the gravy.

    Any help would be cool

    Jo xx:wave_cry:
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  3. cherrytimmers

    cherrytimmers mines a skimmed latte

    Basic/Non Branded Foods Gravy granules, made with meat juices 4 level tbsp

    [​IMG] Original 3 Syns [​IMG] Green 3 Syns

    hope this helps :)
  4. xJox

    xJox Full Member

    oh my mam is going to so love me when i ask her to measure out me gravy with a spoon :p

  5. suse_09

    suse_09 Full Member

    what about if its just made with water, is there syns values for just the bisto granuals alone anywhere? :eek:
  6. Hayleyj123

    Hayleyj123 Wannabe Loser

    I am pretty sure that it is half a syn for every tsp of bisto. I generally make mine seperate to the rest of my family so i don't over do it. 5 tsp of bisto is 2.5 syns and I find that is plenty for me.

    I hope this helps xxx
  7. suse_09

    suse_09 Full Member

    brilliant thankyou! X
  8. xJox

    xJox Full Member

    I just normally have mine made with water too, if i ask nicely she might make my gravy on its own. I'll keep an eye on her tho in case she sabotages me gravy cos she is doing WW and won't change...even tho I'm proving SW works and is easier to follow (I'm loosing more too) :p

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