Ahhhh, but I couldn't eat a whole one....


hrm.....maybe I could eat a whole one? ;) marzipan bubbas....


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Noooo they are seriously scary (but very cleverly made I might add...lol!!) - they remind me of those dolls that look like real babies - scare the bejesus out of me.....Noooooo:eek: :eek:
oh my god they are so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute....cute!

'cept the one on the left in the shell...

They are so gorgeous, there is no way I could eat one not even a nibble! So lifelike.

Makes me want one but not a marzipan one!

Dizzy x
They look yummy. I love marzipan. Not sure whether I could eat them though:eek:

Especially the bit between the legs. Never was quite into that ;)
awwwwwww.they is shooooooooo cuuuute!!! little bubba wubbas!! they are so ickle as well!! how can't you love their little chubby legs and little wrinkly bum bums!!!!??

coochie cooooooo!!!:rolleyes:
Is it just me who thinks this is disturbing?? albeit a bit funny though.. lol
And marzipan is yuuck.. lol..

x x x
Very VERY scary:eek:.....mind you I have been known to 'masacre' Jelly Babies by the 100's .....Heads first:p