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airport security check


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I'm pretty sure you can. I know many people do. Hopefully someone 'in the know' will come along in a minute :)
Only if they don't look in the bag. I had foodstuff confiscated at Carcassonne airport, the stuff in see through packs was allowed but metal and waxed card weren't. I'm not certain why, I was too angry to discuss it!
I was told by my LL counsellor that a previous member of hers had her pack conviscated at security. But I recently went away and took most of my packs in the suitcase (in the hold) and just 3 in my hand luggage - and they were fine. My counsellor offered to drafted a letter 'to whom it may concern' explaining the LL packs and the programme just in case I was stopped, but thankfully I didn't need it.
Have a good flight!


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out of uk airports the only restritions are liquids
that is what officially has to be in containers under 100ml and then in a clear zip lock bag no bigger than blah de blah

i take cd bars and shake/soup packs in and out of heathrow every week as i fly for a living and have never been questioned over them either going out or coming back in - - and although we as crew dont go thru the same security channels as you we DO get checked on every arrival and departure under the same rules and regs and by the same organisation

so in a word - you should be fine

do be aware that some countries have restricitions on what foods you can import though - but i have taken cd into the strictest two i know of ie usa and australia - and as soon as i explain theyre diet meal replacements in prepacked sealed pouches theyre fine and let it in

good luck and enjoy
I took 3 weeks of packs on my holiday no problem but I put them into my hold bag along with my hand blender!


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if i was you i would only put the ones i need for the flight in my cabin bag
the rest as mentioned above in your suitcase
now to be REALLY sure - i would also try and google for NZ quarantine information - in fact hold on ill look for it -------


ok here:

Importing foods for personal consumption or as gifts into New Zealand

this page will give you import info on food for travellers
if in doubt EMAIL them and PRINT the reply

ALWAYS declare what youre carying - it may mean you get sent to a different channel and questioned but in that case once they see the packs they will let you in - - if you dont declare it and they find it it can be a fine and confiscation of the items

have a fab time
My LLC has drafted a letter (it may even have come from HO) for this very reason. It explains what's in the packs, with photographs & everything! I haven't needed it myself (sadly!) but a few other group members have taken it away with them. Maybe ask your LLC if she can do one for you? Enjoy your trip - you lucky thing!!
NZ were absolutely fine with my food packs, i declared them as food items and because they were in seperate sachets with all the ingredients listed they were fine. I had some in my hand luggage and some in my case.
no no, :) it was in july this year. They were fine on the plane with me making my shakes and soups up and offered to help as much as they could.
The customs at NZ (i flew to and from auckland) just wanted to know what 'food product' i had and as soon as i showed him the packs he was happy to let me go though. absolutely no issues at all.

I did however email the airline and let them know i was doing the diet and to say i would be on the packs and i took my dr's form that he signed for me to do the diet in with my food packs in my hand luggage. To be honest nobody asked to see anything , but it was peace of mind to have it with me just incase.

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