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AKB-omg I've just noticed your avatar pic!


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Hi PolishRose and Karion!

Thanks:D - it means a lot to get that reaction! Only today I was pulling on my old trousers (size 30) to show a new client how big I was - she was most impressed that I could get both my legs (jeans/boots and all) in just 1 leg!
It's wierd that I don't always remember/appreciate how much I've lost - I guess cos I was living thru it. But a reaction like yours always makes me smile so mega thanks - altho at the moment thanks to a horrid wisdom tooth infection I can't smile/eat/talk without severe dribbling and pain - makes maintenance that bit easier - LOL

I am living proof that this diet works no matter how much you moan/groan and generally p*ss about, and I could get a gold medal in all those things! It's defintely worth it - no chocolate on earth (well maybe Leonidas or Michel Cluizel;)) feel as good as wearing size 12 jeans.


PS Karion - how did the signing carol go??


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altho at the moment thanks to a horrid wisdom tooth infection I can't smile/eat/talk without severe dribbling and pain - makes maintenance that bit easier - LOL
Awww. I sympathise! Had mine out (eventually) last month.

Whisky is fab for toothache, but not such good relief if you have an infection. Still worth a try if you like whisky that is.

Brilliant if you have a hole in your tooth. Nothing acts faster and all that.

They say for an infection, you need to alternate cold and hot, though I found sucking lollies the best. Ibuprofen co-codamol was also recommended and seemed to work better than other things.

Hope you get it sorted soon!

PS Karion - how did the signing carol go??
It was fantabulous! 200 children all in their best white shirt and ties signing the last song of the Christmas concert. What a sight!

Thanks ever so for your help with this:cool:
oh no. didnt realise you had a wisdom tooth infection. i did too this week. am on 2 lots of antibiotics at the moment and the op to have mine out has been brought forward from june 6 to march 27 thankfully. toothache sucks. you have my sympthy x


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I had 3 wisdom teeth out two years ago but they kept the 4th one in. This week it has been causing me so much pain so I think sadly I have to go through that again. It'll be worth it though! Toothache really sucks.
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Hope your tooth is better soon.Do you have full size versions of the avatar pics?I love looking at pics-it really inspires me. :)


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Hi Guys,
The tooth (like cellulite) is still with me! It's not nearly so bad and having finished the antibiotics today I'm hoping it's on the mend. Great for making a gal stick to CD tho - couldn't eat anything else so packs came in most useful - silver lining and all that.
Our hospital has an 18 month waiting list for wisdom teeth under Gen Anaesthetics, so dentist and I are going to investigate how much bone is covering this tooth (x-ray shows 50%) before deciding whether to have a go under a local - I think it's going to be a real knee-on-chest effort along with pickaxe and chisel - what fun!

Oh Karion - if only I could drink, but me and alcohol don't mix, never ever, so that's out of the question, even in extremis! Glad the signing went well and you are most welcome to the little help I gave!

GreenDayJen and Janey - hope you both get your teeth probs sorted too - you are soooo right - this bluddy hurts!!!

PolishRose - I think some of my full size pics are in the gallery - I dimly remember putting them there ages ago! I was wearing the same shirt in the after photo last Saturday - a poke in the eye for all the doubters who were giving it large about "as soon as you eat again you'll put all your weight back on..." Yeah like even I, Ms Piggy extraordinaire, could gain 11stones over night - pulllllleeeeeease:rolleyes:
Don't get me wrong, maintaining this is just as hard (sometimes harder) than doing SS but I'm not going back to 22st with a hip measurement that matched my height - the humiliation of not being able to get a standard tape measure around my 64" hips still smarts!

Right off to suck my CD bar whilst watching rubbish TV - here's hoping I get respite from the tooth of hell and a full night's sleep tonight!
What a wimp I sound - no wonder my boy is a hypochondriac:eek:

Loose skin

I know this is personal question i am the same size as you were and i am really worried about loose skin , what happens is it inevitable you get hingy bits. You look fantastic a great inperation



i had 4 weeks of appointments for root canal treatment on on my wisdom tooth. I didnt even know i had one so that was a relevation x
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just can't resist adding to this thread - AKB is the best inspiration! She's my CDC and is fantastic! She knows this damn diet inside out and is living proof that it works!! She looks amazing (although doesn't really realise how good she DOES look) and never ceases to inspire and encourage not only me, but everyone else she meets..

(hope that damned toothache is easing up!) xx
Ah bless you Jen - if I could smile I would but blasted tooth ache now spread to whole head - if I was a horse I'd have been down by now:sigh:

Cheers Andrene - as for saggy bits - yes I have plenty but I don't think they are inevitable. I am (and look it:( ) 40 this year and have spent over 20 years seriously fat. I've exercised very little and never moisturised so my skin never really had a good chance. Lots of girls swear by Bio Oil - I know Mini has great skin - so you could ask her for some tips! Good luck with the losing weight - it is really worth it!

xxxx:D :D

Ah like you i am 43 this year (i just ment similar age) and have all your symptoms never moisturised my skin not even my face to great alarm of the woman at the estee lauder counter !!!! thought i had comited a crime and i supose i had lol
She claimed if you wanted to keep the face you have now you need to moisturis. She must not have started till her late 50's then lol
When i was out on Sat someone told me they thought i was 35 ah the benifits of alcohol i mean in them. And yes been big for years not as big as this but a big wuman all the same .



I STILL mean it!
S: 21st9lb C: 12st10lb G: 11st3lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 8st13lb(41.25%)
Well, I have a son older than you two! and I was 60 last week. I have spent most of my life fat, and lost 11 stone in 2006. Yes, I have some saggy bits, but am I complaining - NO!!!! You already have the skin, the choice you have is whether it is full of fat or not - all other decisions come after that. I have always moisturised my face, but not the rest of me. I can only agree with Ailsa - this diet is SO worth it. For those of you who haven't seen it before, here is a picture of Ailsa and I in a pair of her old trousers and my old jumper, when we were at the Cambridge conference. Looking forward to the meet later this month and seeing you all.
Ann xxx


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