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Alcohol - 32.5 syns..How would you spend yours?

Cocktails cocktails cocktails!! Thats what I miss the most. It's difficult because there's no exact syn value. But I can't WAIT for the day when I can go out and get a cocktail if I want one!!
Haha, make sure you drink something with your vodka - don't just put a straw in the bottle!!! :D xx
ooh lovely, how about vodka, soda water (free) with a dash of lime/lemon? I used 60 syns yesterday on alcohol (see my food diary oops!) wish i had stuck to the vodka! x
Sounds good girls!

Unfortunately, I'm a pint girl and sometimes I slip back into it! Not tonight though! Vodka for me with diet lilt, I think!

I'm off for a run shortly as well, to help even things out!

Anyone else got any tips on how to make my 32.5 syns go further...


Not evil at all
If you can take your own bottle pour half measures instead so you get more out of your syns. If you can't then ask for a shot and 2 glasses lol awkward but it will make them last longer! I usually get drunk and think "sod it" and have as much drink as I want.. but I wouldn't recommend that!
I am like EvilPenguin, I start with great intensions of counting my syns with booze but after the first few, I always l think 'sod it' and go way, way over! Then hit the fridge/buffet table for nibbles! Whoops!
Thats what I usually do! LOL!

I'm taking my own bottle with me, so thats always good.

Just to clarify, 32.5 syns = 3 quarters of a 70cl bottle of vodka doesn't it?
It's still 13 vodkas though hun. Or depending where your going in leeds you could get a Triibe and lemonade. Thats 2.5 syns as well and you can use lots of lemonade and it still tastes yummy x


Lover of Extra Easy
If I had to drink 32.5 syns of alcohol in one night I would pop!
I have one 25ml tot of brandy (my tipple) in a pint glass topped with diet coke. 2.5 syns!
6 of those are my syn allowance for the day and more than enough... 13 of those and I would not be abble to walk as I'd be too full!!
Even on double tots you could have 6, and that should be more than enough!


I will be a Princess!
In the food optimising book it says 4.0 syns for a 35ml measure of vodka, which is the measure in most pubs these days. If you're taking your own it's not so easy to measure! That works out as roughly 2.9 syns per 25ml measure, so roughly 11 vodkas allowed for 32.5 syns :)

I'd have such a hangover after 11 vodkas, lol! Dreading going out this weekend. Got a big birthday celebration (friend's 25th) in Swansea, and I know that I'm going to end up having a huge amount of syns :( Only had 4 syns since starting my EE diet yesterday morning though, so I'm hoping it will be ok!

Hope you enjoy yourself anyway hun! :)

Sian xx

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