Let's get trim! (Starting 2 January)

10 stone 0.75lbs this morning. Although I did have a day off from working so I had a sneaky couple of wines (tut tut!).

I couldn't exercise today because I have had some treatment on my skin but it's a priority tomorrow 💪
I'm still here! I'm currently at my boyfriend's family's house until tomorrow so I can't weigh myself for 3 days. It is hard to eat and drink well when we're going out to eat and drink but I am trying! I wish I had remembered to bring protein bars. I've been taking the dog for a few walks as well to help.
10 stone 1.75lbs this morning but I had a very upset stomach last night. With that considered I'll be disappointed if the weekend's activities caused a gain as I was pretty careful!
10 stone 2lbs today. I still have a bit of a dodgy stomach so taking this with a pinch of salt. It was my boyfriend's birthday today so we had drinks and went out for food. I tried to be good but it's not the same as being at home preparing your own stuff. We shall see...!
Well well well...it's been a while since I've updated this blog. To cut a long story short I've had a bit of a mental health crisis for the last couple of months. I've felt like a complete potato as I haven't done anything to prioritise my health. I haven't put on all of the weight I lost this year, but it wouldn't surprise me if I've lost some muscle as well. I'll start posting my weight and measurements soon.

Anyway, back to getting back on track.

Walk ✓
1645 protein ✓
1,445 calories ✓
Les Mills Class (Body Combat) ✓
No booze ✓
Today went okay. I ate too much chocolate but it's not as bad as drinking!

Walk ❌
140g protein ✓
1,92 calories ❌
Les Mills Class (Sh'bam) ✓
No booze ✓
Still here! The last couple of days have been high on the calorie front but there has been a dramatic improvement on the exercise. I have definitely lost some of my strength but that's to be expected. I still feel so much better for putting my health first and I'm already getting back into the habit of putting food into my calorie app without even thinking about it 😊 I will hopefully be back to the normal regime soon enough.
I'm still around. Had another slip on my mental health but I just need to keep going. Today went well - I achieved all of my goals except for the protein target.