Let's get trim! (Starting 2 January)

Oh god my consistency on here is horrible. I have had a bad few days in my personal life, but I am determined to turn that around since I'm going on holiday a week today. My weight was 10 stone 2.5lbs this morning.
Well, I'm back from my holiday. I did not feel comfortable at all in the swimsuits I bought (although usually it was too cold to wear) but that has given me the kick up the bum I needed. It was a lovely holiday otherwise though :)

I also managed to catch Covid while I was away - thankfully not feeling that bad at all so hopefully it will pass soon.

February/March were not good diet wise so I'm going to kickstart this diet again concentrating on the next 6 weeks, which brings to me to the beginning of May. The rules are:

1. Absolutely no alcohol on weekdays (the only exception to this is my boyfriend's birthday)
2. Aim for dog walks a day - one before work and one at lunchtime/rest day.
3. Les Mills classes 5 days a week. I'll post a schedule each week so I know what I'm doing.
4. No MORE than 1,400 calories a day. I've usually nearly always gone over that.
5. Post on this blog EVERY SINGLE DAY. No matter what.
6. Take a measurement of my waist every single week.

Today's weight this morning was 10 stone 3.5lbs. I might dehydrated from being ill but we will have to see.

This week's exercise regime is going to be:
Today: Some sort of Les Mills cardio, Body Pump and a dog walk (fortunately self-isolating is no longer a legal requirement here!)
Monday: 2 dog walks and Body Combat
Tuesday: 2 dog walks and Les Mills stretch
Wednesday: 2 dog walks and Body Pump
Thursday: 2 dog walks and Body Combat
Friday: 1 dog walk and rest day
Saturday: 1 dog walk and Body Combat
Yesterday went well:

Dog Walk ✓
120g protein ✓
1,265 calories ✓
Les Mills Classes ✓
No booze ✓

I did not sleep well and also slept throughout my lunch hour (covid tiredness) so it'll have to be one long dog walk today plus Body Combat.

I was also correct in thinking I was dehydrated as I weighed 10 stone 5.5lbs. Boo! But at least I'm not back to square one. I need to remember to measure my waist tomorrow as well!
Oh man I am so good at breaking my own promises. No movement whatsoever but I stuck to everything else. And I weighed 10 stone 3lbs today!

Today has been much better:

Dog Walk ✓
126g protein ✓
1,295 calories ✓
Les Mills Class (Body Combat) ✓
No booze ✓
Good day yesterday 😊 (apart frpm calories)

Dog Walk ✓
102 protein ✓
1,545 calories...
Les Mills Class (Sh'bam) ✓
No booze ✓

Weighed 10 stone 3 lbs this morning.
Ugh my weight and energy levels are all over the place. Weighed 10 stone 3.5lbs yesterday and 10 stone 6lbs this morning!

Was absolutely shattered yesterday and barely moved. I need to (will be!) take better care of myself.
Today's weight was 10 stone 5.5lbs. I am going to stick to this plan for the next month if it kills me!

Walk ✓
125g protein ✓
1,345 calories ✓
Les Mills Class (Body Combat) ✓
No booze ✓
10 stone 2.5lbs again. I did a lot of exercise yesterday (2hr walk and Body Pump) but very surprised since we went out for a 10 course meal! Tip for anyone having to eat a lot of food - wear tight clothes! I had to ask my boyfriend to help me finish 3 of the courses 🙈