Alcohol on LL?????...Need Help!


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Hi there

I drink dry white wine at weekends... it's not allowed but it's a choice i take. It always makes me starving the following day though and the diet is almost impossible to stick to!!! So if you do decide to drink, be aware!! make sure you drink lots of water on the night aswell....


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Be really careful Snug, I know people will say Vodka is fine but it can be dangerous on the diet (if you check the SS book you will see it says "ALCOHOL IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN") and if nothing else it has calories so will slow your loss.

If you have a fizzy water then no one will ever know and you'll be cookin fat the whole party.



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The other thing is because you are not eating food it gets into your system quicker and the side effects can not be nice!


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Drinking alcohol whilst in ketosis CAN be dangerous and should be avoided at all costs as you have no way of knowing whether or not you'll be adversely affected.

Whilst vodka may not have carbs or take you out of ketosis, it definitely contains calories and will inevitably affect your weightloss that week .. as well as possibly give you the munchies which could undermine your determination to stick to being abstinent.

Hope this helps :)