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FebFast- alcohol

Discussion in 'Slimming World Teams & Challenges' started by kimberleycandukan, 1 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. kimberleycandukan

    kimberleycandukan Silver Member

    Inspired by the Dry January thread and others who have successfully completed the dryathalon last month I have decided to

    Give up alcohol for the month of February.

    Oh my god- I wrote it down and that means I have to do it.

    The Aussie's have a thing called FebFast- which is where you give up a bad habit for February and there's lots of interesting facts and statistics
    Febfast Alcohol - FebFast

    I don't know if I can do it, but it would be nice to challenge myself and maybe to come out on top.

    Reasons for giving up booze for a month:-

    Challenges willpower and social etiquette (I can't socialise without a drink)
    Will save SO MUCH money
    Detox for the body- my liver and my mind
    Will help with weight loss- no drunk/hungover munchies
    Learn other ways to relax/unwind/de-stress rather than relying on vodka

    Might have to add to the list.

    This is a really really huge thing for me to try. I'm probably verging on alcoholic, lol!
    Apologies in advance for the whinging and whining.
    If you wana join in, please do.

    Here goes- day 1...
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  3. kimberleycandukan

    kimberleycandukan Silver Member

    So tonight is going to be my first big test. Why does 1st February have to fall on a Saturday?
    I'm going out for dinner for my housemates girlfriends birthday. There will be 15 of us and I only know 4 going. Awkward situation which I hate and no booze for me.
    I want to bail so soooo badly- but can't. I NEED to do this.
    If I can manage tonight alcohol free, then I can do anything.
    I'm not promising to go to the club- the meal alone is probably enough for my first dry night.

  4. kimberleycandukan

    kimberleycandukan Silver Member

    Yippee!!! I DID IT!!

    At first it was really hard. Like *****. And I wanted to leave.
    Then I got chatting to some of the girls I was sat with and they weren't drinking either and we had a right laugh.

    I was able to drive home, have taken all my make up off and cleansed, toned and moisturised (a complete first!), I haven't had stupid takeaway on the way back, I only spent £15 on 2 courses and a drink, when I wake up tomorrow I won't make bad food choices.
    The list of benefits are endless.

    I can't believe I did it! Hurrah!!!
  5. kimberleycandukan

    kimberleycandukan Silver Member

    Feeling Chirpy this morning but got a lot to do.
    I'm going to my aunties mums house for dinner for my aunties birthday and I don't yet have a present for her so need to go to town. Dang.
    Its about 15 mile drive away- so although there will be lots of wine, I would have had to drive home either way so it shouldn't be so bad that I can't drink today.
    Tum de dum..
  6. MrsSOS

    MrsSOS Full Member

    :wow: Very well done to you!! :wow:

    I joined SW on 29th after I realised just how out of control my eating habits had become and just how often I was guzzling a glass of (wine or 4 :ashamed0005: )
    So, January 30th was my first SW and non-alcohol day.
    I'm now on Day 4 and I haven't missed the wine at all.
    I'm not a lover of sugary/sweet drinks either, so, if I'm not drinking tea or coffee, I have substituted wine with sparkling water and a slice of lemon ... but, in my usual wine glass :giggle:

    I'll be cheering you on from behind the screen and watching your progress.

    :happy096: so far and good luck ahead!
  7. kimberleycandukan

    kimberleycandukan Silver Member

    Hey MrsSOS!
    Welcome aboard! I'm impressed that you started SW and (temporarily) stopped drinking on the same day! I was losing with drinking at the beginning, but the problem is the junk you eat after you've been drinking. I usually do takeaway on the way home and loads of crap the next day to sort my stomach out.
    Anyway- we shall see how it goes, thanks so much for your supportive and encouraging words! We can groan on here together when need be! :)

    Yesterdays lunch was difficult. Most were a bit sozzled and its always very stressful dealing with many family members at once. If I didn't need a drink there, I sure as heck did when I got home. But I had a lovely shower, put my most snuggliest jimmies on and ate a couple of pieces of fruit. I was happy. Day 2 done.

    Today work went quickly and I got a fair bit done. My shoulders are really really tight though and the vodka in the kitchen was winking at me. I don't have any mixer in, (or squash- which I sometimes resort to) so day 3 is almost complete! Could do with going and having a bath to be honest but I don't really like them and I can't be bothered. People say they help to relax etc but I find it a bit boring. Maybe another day when I'm more desperate!

    How you getting on MrsSOS? Ooh and where in Kent are you?
  8. lizzie_g

    lizzie_g Full Member

    Hi ladies, I wanted to join in on this thread as I completely get your situation!

    Although I don't usually drink during the week I have had some terrible weekend habits which has seriously contributed to my weight gain. My weekends usually consisted of the pub on a Friday night followed by a takeaway, greasy hangover cures on Saturday morning followed by either a hefty three courser at home or at a restaurant washed down with too much wine or another night on the lash, then on Sunday either a roast dinner with more wine or a hair-of-the-dog session! Until last week anyway, when I've decided that if I don't knock this on the head then I won't lose weight and may end up with liver failure! So I'm not going cold turkey but I'm seriously cutting down. The difficulty that I have is that my boyfriend likes a good drink and so do my mates so generally speaking any social events involve the booze! Last Friday I was invited round to my mates house as she had made pulled pork sarnies and stocked up on JD honey which is gorgeous! I knew if I had one I would have many, so I drove there to remove the possibility of drinking! The other girls were all drinking and to be fair I had a right laugh at them, the bunch of p!$$heads! I drove them all home to save them taxi money and I felt as fresh as a daisy on Saturday! I have realised that I can be sober while everyone else is drunk, and it's ok!

    Kimberley, I wish you all the best with your febfast, you will feel great at the end of it for many reasons! I'll be behind you supporting :) xx
  9. MrsSOS

    MrsSOS Full Member

    Starting SW and stopping drinking was simply a logical partnership, in my mind :giggle:

    Sunday was a difficult one (I do enjoy a glass of wine or three with my Sunday dinner) and it did take some will power to stop thinking "I'd normally have a glass of wine now" ... one day at a time and I'm doing great :checkmark:(although there were moments on Sunday when it was a case of "one minute at a time" :giggle:

    I'm in the SE :) You?

    :welcome2: lizzie_g

    Had to laugh at you enjoying seeing others p!$$ed while you stayed sober ... sounds like one of my sons (who takes a flask of tea to a BYOB party :giggle::giggle: (Ooops, I'm laughing, but ... maybe he only does that because he's seen me a little worse for wear on the red stuff :confused: )
  10. kimberleycandukan

    kimberleycandukan Silver Member

    oh Lizzie! You could be describing my weekends there! But I enjoy it soooo much! Lol.
    Just giving myself this 28 days to PROVE I can do it. Can I? We shall see.

    Hows it going MrsSOS? I know what you mean about the minute at a time. I can be like that with food cravings mostly. Like if I want chocolate or something. Drives you nuts. I'm in Canterbury :)

    This evening I did heaps of batch cooking, which, you would think would keep me nice and distracted. But there was a moment where I was like...hmmm...wouldn't a vodka be nice...
    I poured a pint. Of water. Lol. Think I'm going to have to get some pepsi max in so I can pretend I'm drinking vodka. Thing is, I might then accidentally spill some into the glass, and then some ice, and lemon, and a straw, and voila- I'm an alccy.

    day 4 almost complete...
  11. kimberleycandukan

    kimberleycandukan Silver Member

    Nervous about tonights WI.
    It's sure to make me want to have a voddy after. Groan.

    I'm going out for a friends birthday tomorrow night and not having a drink is going to cause offence. It would if it was the other way round too. I might say I'm on antibiotics. Little white lie?
    I just hope I can do it...
  12. MrsSOS

    MrsSOS Full Member

    Oooh, we're almost neighbours! :clap:

    Good luck tonight at weigh in. :)

    A little white lie is always allowed if it is to save someone else's feelings being hurt ;)
  13. Owls4eva

    Owls4eva Full Member

    Can I join you need to have a break from the wine and all the rubbish that I eat after well done for doing so well a day at a time x
  14. becki2009

    becki2009 Gold Member

    Helloooo..well done for doing feb too!

    Im not going to be dry all month but going to stop by every now and again. I want to not drink at home in the evenings so will keep this thread for motivation!
  15. kimberleycandukan

    kimberleycandukan Silver Member

    Welcome aboard guys! The more the merrier! Becki I didn't do Jan did I, I just cut down a little where I could and watched you inspirational lot.

    So day 6 is on the horizon. I have my friends birthday meal tonight but thankfully she's getting taken on a surprise weekend away at the crack of dawn tomorrow by her boyfriend so probably won't be drinking much herself. That makes my excuses to her easier.
    But what about those to myself? It's going to be a mixed bunch- I mostly won't know the people= my cue to drink. Whats more for the last few months my favourite thing to say is "Thursday is the new Friday", as in its ok to go out get sloshed and partayyy. Which its not, not this Thursday evening anyhoo.

    Well, I managed Saturday so here's to tonight. *Cheers with pepsi max*

    How did everyones Wednesday evening go? (Peek of the week- downhill to the weekend- always calls for a celebratory drinkie poos)
  16. becki2009

    becki2009 Gold Member

    Ooo well its my turn to cut doen and watch you hehe

    Understand how you feel about tonight. I feel awkward not knowing many people and alcohol helps. I bet there are other ppl thinking the same though! Imagine how fresh you will feel tomorrow!
  17. Owls4eva

    Owls4eva Full Member

    Good luck tonight, my problem is after a long day sit down and have a glass or 3 or wine and once Ive had one well it goes off doesnt it if you dont drink it. So new plan dont buy it then I dont have to worry about it going off. Have to admit love waking up in the morning without a fuzzy head lol.
  18. Owls4eva

    Owls4eva Full Member

    Thought I had replied but cant see it cant blame the booze lol.

    Good luck with tonight, I think half the problem is once you have had some alcohol food takes on a life of its own and you eat things you wouldnt dream of eating normally.

    2 days down and enjoying waking up without the fuzzy head
  19. becki2009

    becki2009 Gold Member

    Hubby and i are going out for lunch sat...i realllly fancy a glass of wine or 2! And i will have it..i just wont grab a bottle on the way home!!
  20. kimberleycandukan

    kimberleycandukan Silver Member

    Had a look at my financial situation. Thought I had £300 to last me til the end of the month. Oh how mistaken I was. £134. Thank goodness I'm not drinking.
    Meal tonight- £20
    SW fees next 3 weeks- £15
    gas and elec bill this month- £60

    Leaves me with £39 for the month for food and petrol. Hmmm.

    Don't get me wrong- I always always go under, thats why I'm in this predicament. Was hoping to sort it this month though. Dang gurlzzzz.
  21. MrsSOS

    MrsSOS Full Member

    How much month do you have left? 25th? End of the calendar month?

    When I'm at your level of disposable income, that's when I go shopping "at home". I go through my 'fridge, freezer and cupboards and draw up a menu plan based on what I have there. This means I only need to buy the bare essentials.

    For your SW fees, have you considered doing "Countdown"? For 6 weeks you only pay the equivalent of 5 weeks fees - that's what I did when I joined (mainly because that would guarantee I went back for 6 weeks :giggle: )

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