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Alcohol on refeed week query

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Hi all

I host a Christmas drinks and nibbles party every year and I was hoping to do so this year during my 1st maintenance week. However, due to everyone's social diaries rapidly filling up with festive frolics, I have to host my Christmas evening on Sat 10th December which is my 2nd day of my refeed week.

My problem is that I have not told anyone apart from my husband that I am doing the lipotrim diet. I am happy to stick to the restrictive food plan and avoid all the lovely canapes I will be making from scratch but I think that if I avoid alcohol for the entire night, my friends may feel uncomfortable or even begin to suspect. They may even jump to the wrong conclusion and think I'm pregnant!

As the gathering is at my house it is easier for me to avoid food and drink as I can be busy making sure everyone is topped up. However, would one glass of champagne ruin my refeed week and undo all my hard work? Would a vodka and soda be a better option?

Anyway, I would appreciate your advice as I would like to prepare my plan of action in advance!

Thanks to all

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Hi Neesie,
If it's only your second day, then you'll still be in ketosis (not having had any carbs). The risk of having alcohol is mainly that it can make you quite sick. Granted, a very few people seem to be able to get away with it now and then, but some can get REALLY sick from it, so it's not a risk I think anyone should take.

I think your choices are:
a) Do your refeed a few days earlier so that you're onto at least day 5 (preferably 6...)
b) Make up some fake drinks for yourself and have them in fancy glasses. Strong iced peppermint tea could pass for some sort of spirit, fizzy water with a drop of yellow or brown food colouring might pass for champagne, etc. Even just fizzy water on its own with an ice-cube might be passed off as a G&T! You'll be allowed slices of lemon or lime by then, so that can add to the illusion! :D

Best of luck, hope you have fun,
Marianne x
S: 11st12lb C: 10st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.4 Loss: 1st4lb(10.84%)
Great advice - I hadn't thought about starting refeed early so depending in weight loss this is a viable option! Thanks again, NB x
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My own experience is ive been fine drinking alcohol in ketosis. Like tomorrow night for example i have tuna steak and vergetables before i go out and im fine. Ive done this 3 times now. Im not saying that you wont get sick but I dont. Ive also had a liver test done recently and its came back normal so ive had no damage as sunch.
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Well what I can say is that after having been on LT, I found that diet coke has no effect on ketosis at all from my experience. Note that it is from my experience despite what else you might read. Throughout the entire LT, I only drank the shakes and water and some diet coke every 2-3 days or so and it had absolutely no effect on weight loss. You could say you are having a diet coke and vodka if asked IMHO. :)

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