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A girl after my own heart! When I start, I'll be keeping some points aside for a vodka or 6. Probably just for weekends, as when I used to drink every night things got a bit out of control :eek:

As an aside, my sis is a WW leader (just handed her notice in, though) and when she was losing her weight, albeit only 20lbs, she never counted alcohol. She drank wine at weekends and just still had her 18 points. It never made a difference to her losses. Mind you, she's not the lush that I am, and probably was a lot more sensible than me :D
:)Im definatly a lush.I was going to av a few gin and tonics.I would of thought you could if you counted it.I look forward to a couple of drinks at night.Ive got my weigh in tom night but have been advised that i may not loose as just finished LLXX


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As long as you count them you can have what you want. A gin is 1 point for a 25ml measue, and have slimline tonic - nil points!


I've been saving my points during the week the past couple of weeks, just as well because I've been drinking like a fish! Tend to only drink at weekends but may lay off it this weekend as I've had quite a heavy couple of weeks!
Ive really cut back on my alcohol consumption. Now I sound like I total alkie lol

I used to have a glass of wine (okay 2) most evenings. Now I only generally have a drink on a Monday with my Chinese, or if Im out. When Im away at a hotel with my pal we drink like the proverbial fishes :giggle: But then Champagne doesnt actually count so thats ok ;)


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I used to drink at home every night, and easily get through a bottle of vodka a week, if not more. I got an optic so I'd realise how much I was drinking, but it made me feel guilty so I took it down and went back to pouring it.

I'll have to stick to weekends otherwise I'm going to need a new liver before I'm 40 :-0

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