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Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by dawson66, 5 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. dawson66

    dawson66 Full Member

    Hello :))I have been on slimming world for 3months now and have lost 36lbs which is a grt achievment for me as i can never normally stick to a diet, but i am goin on holiday on 22nd April to Benidorm for 8 nights, and i normally drink wine, havent been drinking much since been on diet, but was thinking to have something else to drink whilst away as i want to do damage limitation, what do u think would be best for me to drink, i was thinking martini, as it is lower than spirits, but not sure how many syns in that xx any help would be greatly appreciated xxx
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  3. Amz2809

    Amz2809 Member

    Hi Dawson

    I am also a big wine lover...
    However I have cut it out. A single shot of clear spirit like gin, vodka and Bacardi is 2.5 and if you mix with a diet mixer it should give you room for a few cheeky drinks per night as long as your good with food.
    It's working so far for me!
    Bag of crisps at my desk at work 5syns or 2 gin and tonics = no contes after a stressful day
    Hope that helps x
  4. dawson66

    dawson66 Full Member

    Thanks Amz x i will stick to vodka i think x
  5. Amz2809

    Amz2809 Member

    No problem! It's helped me out a lot x
  6. Tanyalina

    Tanyalina Full Member

    You say 2.5 syns for a shot of vodka? ive been counting this as 4, so maybe the 44 syns I counted on saturday wasn't as bad as i thought?

    I dont have the book to hand but I'm sure it says 4?
  7. steph1212

    steph1212 Full Member

    Vodka is 2.5 syns for 25ml and 4 for 35ml. I think holiday drinking is always a difficult one to call. Most places don't measure out the ml in their spirits like they do at home so quite often you could be having more than you think you are. Also if they use quite large glasses and there's quite a lot of diet coke etc in it then I'd drink it a lot quicker than a glass of wine would go down. So you could end up having 2 5/6 syn vodkas in the space of drinking one glass of wine! It's so tough!!
  8. Tanyalina

    Tanyalina Full Member

    Well guys! I had a night out last week for a sw friends birthday, and we didn't count any syns all night (oops) we drank cocktails , full fat lemonade etc all night and at weigh in, i lost 0.5lb and she gained (oops)
    So...this week, with date night with the bf planned (always ends up a little bit of a drunk one) I stuck to diet coke and vodka, and although I had more than 11 (I lost count :p) at weigh in last night i lost FIVE POUNDS!
    Shows the big difference as I really didn't do much else different to last week...
    I just wish more places did other diet pop options, as I'm really not a fan of coca cola :/

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