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Aldi - Help

Hi all,

I have started Slimming World today after recently converting from WW.

As money is a bit tight at the moment, I have been advised by the mother in law to do our shopping in Aldi's as you get alot more for your money.

Can anybody share any good SW food from Aldi's?

Any help would be much appreciated, i need to write a shopping list :)
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When I shop in Aldi sw items I would always buy
* all their fruit and veg especially the super six is always great value, Im based in Ireland so not sure if the UK has the same deals but we have had pineapples and double pack of peppers for 79cent for the last two weeks.
* tins of tuna chunks in brine always excellant value and great for salads, jacket potato etc
* they do a take on the alpen bar, cant remember the exact name but its with the cerael bars and has less than 70 calories on the box, possibly that is the name
*rashers are always good value, either the normal kind and cut the rind off or they sometimes have bacon medallions in the chiller cabinet
* tinned tomatoes and pasta always good too
Hope this helps
Fruit and veg
salad bits
tinned baked beans
tinned sweetcorn
packs of couscous
less than 70 calorie bars (2 for Healthy B choice)
hot chocolate sachets (they do a mint one and an orange one! I'd recommend the orange one. Its 2 syns a sachet)
milk, eggs (free range and very good value), flour, sweetener

We buy what we can in Aldi and things that we cant find we go to a supermarket that we pass on the way home :) It does save you a small fortune, happy shopping :)
I always buy their low fat natural yogurt (about 49p) then nip across to Sainsburys & buy their frozen fruit (99p) & use this instead of buying fruit yogurts;)

I always buy whatever fruit & veg is on offer as we all eat any type of fruit & veg.

They also do Savoury Bakes which are similar to Ryvita & 6 are classed as hexb.
I get all of these things plus
Frozen fish
Fat free natural yogurt
Their sugar free pink and cloudy lemonade

Got a punnet of cherries this morning for 69p bargain!
As others have said fruit and veg is great value. They also do sweet and sour pork shanks (1.5) syns each and they're lovely! About £3 for a pack of 2. Also they have light squirty cream which is 1.5 syns for 12g and extra light mayo which is 0.5 per tbsp and nicer than the leading brand in my opinion.

I'm a student and I swear aldi has saved me a fortune! X
pasta, mushy peas, whole chickens, chicken pieces, cottage cheese, fruit and veg, frozen fruit, frozen roasted med veg :)
They do a great range in the freezers for frozen fruits which are fantastic for smoothies... They include frozen raspberries, summer fruits and black forest fruits!
All of the things other people have suggested here are fantastic as well :D
Would they? I haven't actually started the sw diet yet and my first meeting is on wed...
From what I gathered from thr forum is your fruit is all free and low fat natural yoghurt? or is that syn?
the theory is that when you cook, mash, puree, blend fruits/veg, you are likely to eat larger quantities and more likely to over eat.
They do some Thai chilli fishcakes which are absolutely beautiful but they are like gold dust so if you find them - get them. They are 2 syns for the whole portion including the sauce, nom nom.
Savour Bakes, rye crispbreads are only 4 for HEb
and only 3 for sesame

the only problem I find with some of Aldi's fresh food is that there is no use by date and some of their softfruits or salad leaves are often past their best when still on the shelves.
I do buy a lot of fruit and veg from there though and yay cherries 69p / punnet, bought some the other day and really tasty.

Will look out for sweet sour pork shanks and thai chilli fishcakes.
Doing my first big Aldi shop on Monday so thanks for all the tips x


I will do this!!!
do you have a food directory? its got a list in there of all the food available in aldi and other supermarkets.
there snackrite crisps are only 3.5 syns a bag and i think they are really nice also i buy there milky mouse chocolates normal and caramel they are 1.5 syns each but 2 usually hits the choc spot and my kids are always happy to share lol there fruit and veg lasts a lot longer than some of asdas
do you have a food directory? its got a list in there of all the food available in aldi and other supermarkets.
No - only joined SW 7 wk ago and the consultant says no more available (guessing thats cause new one out in new year)

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