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Hello @Teebs sorry I missed your post, not been very active on here for the past few weeks. welcome to Minimins this is a great site for support and advice. I too am following slimming world. I have found using the challenges on here useful. The two I personally do are Team 50 for Christmas. Here we try and lose 50lb (can be less if you want) for Christmas. Then the Easter 2022 challenge. Here this is a much shorter challenge of about 12 weeks. Where most of us try and lose around 12lb during that time. The weekly reporting of for me of my ups and downs help keep me accountable. We support each other through the tough patches and celebrate those victories and milestones,

I have been doing sw for 15 months now. I hope my little tips help you. I have lost over 6 stone now.

Write down all your food you eat. I found out the hard way my head was not a reliable way to store syns etc.
plan a menu for the week. Even if you don't eat the meals on the day you have 7 dinners/lunches planned and you can have what you fancy on the day.
Before you eat it check syns you can find out the hard way that you have used up all your syns on one item.
I made as syn free or low syn meals leaving me plenty of syns for treats at the end of the day.
I eat baked oats for breakfast, overnight oats or porridge. All are filling especially if made with zero fat greek yogurt. I find you need protein to keep me full. So zero fat greek yoghurt has 10 grams per 100g and it is free on sw.
I started off my journey by cooking the foods we liked but just tweaked them so they were sw friendly.
I saved syns by making my own gravy plenty of syn free gravies out there just a matter of finding one you like. I like lots of gravy so this was a game changer for me.
Most of the meals lend themselves to being cooked for the whole family and they wouldn't have a scooby it was on plan.
allow yourself time in the beginning to make a few errors I know I did but it is surprising how quickly you become use to the plan and this way of eating.
I was shocked in the beginning that I was eating what seemed mountains of food and still lose weight. But I was eating the right sorts of food to fill up on plenty of fruit and vegetables. High in protein.
If I know I am going out or there is planned event I am going to I use flexy syns I save syns each day for a week or two before. So I can go to the event. Then if I have no control of say the menu as I am a guest at someone's house. I know I have plenty of syns in hand for this occasion. So I can feel guilt free. If it was unplanned event I save syns up afterwards. I save about 5 syns a day. for a few weeks. Then go back on plan as normal.

Good luck with your weight loss journey and reaching your goals along the way.


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@purpleorc great advice above and most of it holds true for the old WW plan I follow too.

@Claire_Williams I’ve tagged you to this tread because @purpleorc is a very successful SW follower and there’s some good stuff above.

@Teebs best of luck on your journey.