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Alex in wonderland!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by LadyAlexandra, 7 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. LadyAlexandra

    LadyAlexandra Member

    As you'll have gathered my name is Alex. I'm a full time university student, part time bar maid and have the joy of being on the chunky side. I wasn't always big though. I used to be a teeny ten. From being around 16 I've done nothing but put weight on. Now I'm 5st heavier at 21 years old and it's not good enough!

    Ive tried all of the fad diets and so far slimming world has been the only one to work. The only downside is that the longest I have managed to stick to a diet is 2 weeks haha! Enough is enough now. I'm starting all over again today.
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  3. LadyAlexandra

    LadyAlexandra Member

    Ok so today's been good. Had 2 Weetabix golden syrup for breakfast with skimmed milk at 7.5 syns, a salad with quorn southern fried chicken bites and no fat bacon and 15g of cheese and for tea I've had a pasta n sauce sachet thing. Day 1 of the plank challenge complete (30 seconds) and I'm about to clean the house. Guess it was easier to eat healthy because I had the bestie sat with me all day. :D
  4. LadyAlexandra

    LadyAlexandra Member

    Thought I'd be really good and have a go on my exercise bike and do some stretches with weights too... :3
  5. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    We have loads of challenges but I don't think we have a plank challenge...if you would like to set one up in the Team and Challenges forum perhaps other members would like to join you.

    Slimming World Teams & Challenges
  6. LadyAlexandra

    LadyAlexandra Member

    How do I set one up? :)
  7. LadyAlexandra

    LadyAlexandra Member

    Never mind I've figured it out :D
  8. LadyAlexandra

    LadyAlexandra Member

    So for day 2 I've had my 35g of porridge which is free, a john west tuna lunch (the things that look and smell like cat food) and sweet chilli & garlic chicken with potatoes, salad and homemade coleslaw. Weighed myself today because I'm obsessed to find I've lost 3ibs! I've gone from 14st1 & 3/4 to 13st12 exactly! Yay me! :3

    going to do day 2 of my plank challenge after my tea has settled and then go on my bike with my weights again. I must admit posting my daily doings on here makes sticking to my diet a whole lot easier!
  9. LadyAlexandra

    LadyAlexandra Member

    Plank challenge was a bit more difficult today so I guess it's working. Will burn off a few hundred calories tomorrow as taking a load of kids to an indoor play centre.
  10. LadyAlexandra

    LadyAlexandra Member

    DAY 3: breakfast - golden syrup Weetabix with sweetener
    Lunch/ dinner - pasta with mayo, ham, quorn chicken and pickled onions. (Iffy I know but that's what happens when student finance runs out haha)
    supper- I'll be having a protein shake.

    i had a good run about today at kinder land and will do my planking and exercise bike later.
  11. LadyAlexandra

    LadyAlexandra Member

    Had a muller light and mini chup a cup too. 1/2 a syn
  12. LadyAlexandra

    LadyAlexandra Member

    Omg I am such an idiot!! The scales were broken and I'm really 14st6 and not 13st11 like I thought! That is so upsetting! Now I don't know what my start weight was or how much I've lost! I feel so horrible about myself :( only eaten once today as I've not felt well and it was a slimming world chilli beef and rice recipe. Only half a syn. Feel like a right failure!

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