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All change! ( food talk inside).

Hi everyone,

just wanted to share my new start with you. After losing 6 stones, and still wanting to lose another stone, I decided ( with the support of my lovely LLC) to change to LL Lite.

I will have my first class on Monday, but took away the Lite book in the meantime and last night had my first Lite meal. :) I made a "green omelette" ~ was amazed at how much choice I now have.

I was weighing and re-weighing my cheese and measuring my veg bowl with a tape measure! :p

So, this is the part where it gets a bit difficult, introducing food and learning about portion sizes and where I went wrong before.

But, I felt ready to change to the next step of my journey and am writing down recipes for the coming week.

Wish me luck! xx :)
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I will do this!
oh layde so happy to hear your news, so excited for you! Those first few days are so exciting. I've not had cheese yet so lucky you I know you will learn so much on LLL that will help you for life. So pleased for you, you are so close! xx


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Wishing you all the very best of luck - this sounds like such a good idea - you can carry on losing, but also use it to practise eating too.
Well done you.


Is back in the saddle!
Best of luck Ladee!!! Enjoy every mouthful.
Thank you so much guys! :)

Peony, I really did measure the bowl! :p

Gemma, my LLC explained how I can go from abstinence to LL Lite then 4 weeks RTM, or the full RTM course.
I just feel ready to start introducing food again. Tonight, I had the smoked salmon salad. Was lovely, but I'm still getting used to the fact that I am able to eat.

I'm very proud of myself for losing this weight, so I need to make sure I do this next section correctly to keep in Ketosis and enjoy food without returning to bad habits.

I really appreciate you all wishing me luck, thank you. :)

The past 6 months really have gone by so quickly ~ and tomorrow I am doing a car boot sale to sell all my plus size clothes. I have held onto them because I never truly believed I would be out of them!

Let's hope I never miss them! xx :)
Well done LaydeeBug!
You really are an inspiration to beginners like me =)
That sounds like a great idea, that salmon sounds so nice!
I cant wait to be getting rid of my old clothes!
Well done Laydee!
Sounds like a good plan - as you know I did the full RTM and lost 6lbs during it. Whilst I appreciate the importance of the program and wouldn't have considered not doing it and risking slipping into old habits too easily - I did feel that it was , for me, a few weeks to long on packs. Sounds like a good plan you have worked out ...you'll do great!
Thank you Calico and Looby. :)

Looby, you have been amazing through the whole of your journey so will be interesting to see how my slightly different path compares with your full RTM.

calico ~ I love the face artwork! Wow ~ do you do that?? And very best of luck with LL.

Just to let you know, I made a really good amount selling my clothes yesterday! I had a pitch next to a lovely girl I met on my LL foundation course and we had a ball selling off our clothes. And how amazing to be holding up clothes that, just weeks ago fitted me, and yesterday looked huge.

I will never take my weight loss for granted as I am living proof of how quickly we can become so overweight, but I really was happy to see the back of those clothes. I hope I never ever need to shop plus size again. The journey starts here. xx :)


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I had my 1st LLL meal today. I'm stuffed!! Any recipe tips let me know!!
I had my 1st LLL meal today. I'm stuffed!! Any recipe tips let me know!!
Oh yes, and vice versa!

I made the turnip mash this evening. Lovely! I have to keep writing things on my hand....had to remember to drink a half pint of milk. :p

I have a little diary book to remind me of the nutrients I need from my one meal...it's really difficult unless I don't write it down! New LL starters won't believe it when I say that the abstinence part is the easy bit!
But the choice of food for that one little meal is fantastic! I couldn't believe it when I knew I could have eggs. :p Thank goodness for LL and LLL and, my LLC who is really wonderful. I hope everyone on this forum gets a LLC as involved and caring as mine. :)
Thanks =) I do it myself, just a hobby! lol
Im glad you made some money from your plus size clothes - i cant wait to be getting rid of mine!
It looks fabulous! You look very pretty. :)


I will do this!
so glad to hear you are enjoying it laydee. I know many have said that LLL taught them so much about boundaries and how to manage portion sizes etc. I am still here, loving food but also very aware of my adaptive and rebellious child who keeps rearing it's head. Put on 2lb in rtm so far and feel so upset by that, but I am making choices and generally speaking these are good choices so I am happy overall. That 6 stone is gone forever! x
Thanks Gemma. :)

Try not to be upset by that 2lbs ~ I am not particulary expecting a loss at my first LLL weigh in as my LLC said my metabolism needs to even itself out...so by adding more cals this week, I may not get a great result.

It will all work itself out as we introduce more foods.

You have nothing to worry about. xx :)

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