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All ready & raring to go - plus a few questions


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Went shopping to Sainsbury's this afternoon and have stocked up ready to start in the morning, and I'm really excited :D does that sound daft? It's just I know this is going to work and I'm so fed up with how I look & how I feel that the thought of losing weight, feeling healthier and having more energy certainly does appeal and not having to starve myself to get there even more so! I've been yo-yo dieting for the last year and it's not doing me any good at all and I'm really bingeing in between and eating so much sugar in the form of biscuits and chocolate, well that's obviously not doing me any good and I'm hoping that this will well & truly break these bad habits for good!

Good news too in that hubby has decided to join me as he wants to lose some weight too and remember doing Atkins with me about 6 years ago as the diet with the great food! LOL. He's a real meat eater so quite happy with bacon & eggs for breakfast etc.

A few questions I have - with the MiM's, how long to they keep, are they best made up and eaten straight away or could I make a couple for breakfast the night before? Also I bought a box of Splenda so how do I convert the packets in the recipe to grams please?

With regards to milk, hubby doesn't fancy black tea or cream in his tea either can he have any sort of milk like soya for example or is all milk a no-no?

I'm sure I had another question, can remember now - oh well I'll post if it comes back to me, I'm sure I'll be asking lots over the next couple of weeks.

Will put in my stats in the morning, haven't decided yet whether to try a Mim for breakfast or have eggs - hmm, see how I feel in the morning, but really looking forward to getting going!

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Hi and welcome. You sound like me at the moment. I am fed up with trying to diet/starve but I can't stick with any plan for more than a few days right now.

I can't answer your question on the MiMs but milk, even soya is a no-no on the 'kins. Would your hubby drink tea with sweetener or even a tiny splash of cream?

Good luck and let us know how you both get on. :)


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Thanks Lynn, I guess he'll just have to get used to black tea or tea with cream then LOL, I'm ok as I drink black tea anyway. :D

Will keep you updated as to how I get on, best of luck to you too x
Hi hunnie

I too am starting (well tuesday).
Would you like to be buddys? :)
I too am so fed up with the way i look...im determined to change it!

Sorry i cant answer your question about milk...
wish you all the best. xx


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You too mummy3, I've got a couple of stone of lose, but more than happy to buddy up so we can share how we're getting on & gee each other up if needed.

Enjoy your breakfast in the morning.

Have just been sorting hubby out with what he can take to work for his lunch, he's looking forward to having bacon & eggs for his brekkie though :)
Jan, if your hubby really cant face his tea without milk, then make sue you use a full fat version not the skimmed. I'm happy with black tea now, but you do have to make it much weaker.


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I still use milk in my one cup of tea , only a drop though and I do count it in my carbs.


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Thanks - he had it without this morning and survived LOL


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LOL. you could always water the cream down?
I have only been on this diet since Wednesday and I havent found I have been hungry at all, its great and it really helps with if you have a problem with picking in between meals which I did have.
If I have coffee (decaf) I do only have cream but milk is one to stay clear from I'm afraid. If you do have cream also be careful with the amount you have as I was nearly having a whole tub and then found your only supposed to have three tablespoons a day!! I hope you enjoy your 1st week of Atkins as much as I have.

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