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All talk??

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by icandothis:-), 7 June 2011 Social URL.

  1. icandothis:-)

    icandothis:-) Full Member

    Slimming World
    It's just dawned on me this morning that I've been in the 11's for almost 5yrs now!! I've had two babies in that time but I'm sick of seeing 11 something on the scales. I seem to be starting the plan every couple of days but can't resist the weekend takeaway & a couple of glasses of vino after a stressful day! Need to start making some changes. I know exactly what I need to do but I need to be more consistent. Any suggestions on how I can turn it around & for long enough this time??? I'm going to Cyprus in August & really need to lose at least a stone :-(
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  3. WelshJojo

    WelshJojo Gold Member

    Calorie counting/low carb(following SW principles where possible)
    Best suggestion I can come up with is just take 1 day at a time, and take the weigh loss 1lb at a time! If you've only got a stone to lose, it will probably come off quite slowly but just accept that it's coming off so it's all good! Make sure you have lots of variety in your meals, so that you enjoy it! You are more likely to stick to it if you are enjoying what you are eating

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  4. icandothis:-)

    icandothis:-) Full Member

    Slimming World
    Ah thank you WT. I need to lose 2 stone really but I know I'd feel great if I could get 1 off at least for my hols. I'm going to sit down & plan my meals for the rest of the week. I'll feel more organised that way!

    Thanks for your advice :)
  5. Insaniti

    Insaniti Full Member

    For me its all about planning, on a Sunday night I make a menu for all my weeks meals. I go shopping on a Monday morning and buy everything I need, with a full weeks food in the house I have less temptation to buy take aways/junk foods ect.

    This has been my biggest strength, so far in 12 WI I have lost 60.5lbs! I bet if you have one really good week you will be hooked ;-)
  6. icandothis:-)

    icandothis:-) Full Member

    Slimming World
    Insaniti, you are right. I lost 5 1/2lb in my first week. I was so organised with planning meals.

    Well done to you on such an amazing weight loss! You must be over the moon :)
  7. Insaniti

    Insaniti Full Member

    Feel 10 years younger lol even joined the gym, last night was my first time and I ache today but at the same time feel great.

    Still have 30lb to Target but I "plan" to lose that before my holidays in September ;-)
  8. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

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    Slimming World
    If you know the weekends are when you are most likely to want wine & takeaway's why not save your syns for them.

    You could save syns for wine & make a nice SW takeaway meal yourself, or chose a low syn takeaway.

    Do you ever add up the amount of syns you have over the weekend, or do you just assume you've gone way over & think you've blown it.

    Try adding up the amount of syns you have you may be pleasantly surprised.

    You can lose the stone you want to before your hols;)
  9. icandothis:-)

    icandothis:-) Full Member

    Slimming World
    Do you know HH, I've never added them up. I've just imagined it to be so high!! It usually consists of a Chicken Tikka Masala, Egg & Mushroom Pilau Rice & a bottle of White wine. I'll have a look to see what that adds up to. We usually walk to our local squash club on a Sunday for 2 or 3 G & SL Tonics too! Lol. Thank you :)
  10. xxlisaxx

    xxlisaxx Full Member

    When I first started I couldn't get my head around the mahoosive (to me) amount of weight I wanted to lose.
    My sister gave me a packet of coloured paper clips. told me each one was a pound and strung 14 of them together and hung them from my fridge. It kept me motivated, as each time I lost a pound I moved the paper clip to sart a new string..
    Once the 14 were moved over, I stuck up another 14..
    The paper clips have now moved to the wall as they were getting in the way..

    Great way to keep you motivated as you can actually see your weightloss as it happens!
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