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All weepy

I've just felt so fragile today. I'm in my third week, day 4 and I just wanted to cry all day. A lot of it is life stuff but I think I'm even more vulnerable on the diet. Anybody else feel like this?

I sooo wanted to eat today and not because I was hungry. Held strong though.

Still, just talking about a big project I'm worried about brought tears to my eyes etc.
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I get days like that Diva, I think it must be a side effect to have a few low weepy days but usually bounce back again Im sure you will too xx
I remember feeling more vulnerable when on a vlcd last time. For me it's that I have used food to alter my mood, either pushing down emotions when overwhelmed or providing entertainment when bored. I also found as I got smaller it was like I was remembering times when I had been thinner before & remembering sad times that went with that. I also think when I am fatter I feel artificially tougher, my emotions are blunted and I feel immovable ( well I am pretty immovable when heavy!!) when I got thinner I felt younger again, more transparent & very vulnerable

So yep I think this diet can affect you that way, you are not alone in that regard
Hope that helps


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Totally not alone on that one!!!! Some days i think i should b wrapped in cotton wool! Its mostly when im stressed or upset about real life stuff anyway and im used to using food to fix the problem and make me feel better. The day or two after when i get through it im really happy and proud that i didnt turn to food. Some days i just dont want to do anything at all!!! But the way i see it is that being on lipotrim is like medicine with side effects that is going to make me better so no matter what the effects i cant give up or ill always be fat.
i think we all must go through this while on this diet as i spent quite a few days crying on here lolalthough everyone is great support just hold on to the thought of being thin it will see you through x x x
Hello Diva, I think LT does definitely affect your mood. I very rarely cry (usually only if someone very close to me dies) but today I was really weepy and felt as though everything was getting on top of me - things which were no fun, but which I'd normally just shrug off. I'm doing it in short bursts and my hubbie said he noticed last time and this time that my mood is much lower, that I am much more sensitive and overreact to things that wouldn't normally bother me. It might be that we've been self-medicating with food, or it may well be down to the very low level of carbs (which produce feel good chemicals). I think the answer is to recognise that we are feeling a bit more vulnerable, try to take things as easy as we can and look after ourselves. It's only for a short(ish) time. i hope you feel better soon Diva (and a good cry often makes you feel better)
I'm crying my eyes out as I post this.......came home last night and the old cat who lives with my tenants in the flat above our garages was seriously poorly and hadn't eaten all day. His owners are on holiday for two weeks and as i've got two cats I don't mind looking after him too. Just took him to the vet and had to leave him there....his kidneys have failed completely and he had other problems and I just had to try and do the right thing. I know that I have cos I lost two very old cats last year but I don't know how I'm going to tell them when they come home.....because I don't work I've become attached to Felix like he was my own so it's not that different to last year, sorry am rambling. Feel absolutely in bits, like all my nerves are exposed. It's day 13 for me and it's not going to be easy
Awwwwwwwwww hun.. ((((( big hugs))))

I know it is really upsetting for you (I have had to put my cat to sleep too), but please remember that the most important part is that Felix is no longer suffering.. If you hadn't made that wonderful act of kindness he would have been in terrible pain, and that would not be fair.

You seem to be a wonderful, caring person and i am sure your tenants will realise that you have acted selflessly.

They do become part of you, but treasure the memories Sandra... He may be gone,. but never forgotten x x
I know, just wish that it hadn't been my decision to make......
Sandra, you poor soul - what an awful position to be in. Honestly, you did the very best thing you could for poor old Felix - he would have suffered terribly if you hadn't been so brave. And when your neighbours come home, they will be really grateful that you looked after him with kindness and compassion. (But I know that none of this will make you feel better because it is very very sad.)
Thx Helen. I've been really upset all day cos he used to spend so much time with me as I don't work at the moment. My OH has a business dinner so hasn't come home yet and I'm really struggling with LT today, got to be one the worst yet. Why do our emotions play such a big part in what we eat? I'm not going to cave in cos that wouldn't achieve anything and I really can't face starting all over again.

Will read some more of peoples posts until I snap out of it x


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Aww Sandra that's terribly sad indeed :( Sending big cyber ((hugs)). xx
Just wondering why is it that people have the
ability to bring you down
A very close person today hurt me it's not the
first time and prob wont be the last but for the first time
in seven weeks I felt like eating and she knows Im
on Lt
Is this a friend or a foe ? X
Aww Sandra that's such a shame I get very attached to pets too so i understand completely why your upset, i spend all my day with my dog (and even refer to her as our hairy 4th child) and cant imagine her not being here. I'm sure your tenants will understand too, you didn't act maliciously you were doing what any other caring person would have done in the circumstances there's nothing else really you could have done, and i'm sure they'll apprecaite that you took care of their pet as tho it was your own.

Wamser i certainly know what you mean about people, I've had a couple of similar times in the past few weeks. Including a fall out with my sister (i'd found out shes been using me and some other stuff) and I just desperately wanted to stuff a load wagon wheels and jammy dodgers and wash it all down with wine.

But i didn't and its made me realise that i didn't NEED to eat or booze to make myself feel better and that comfort eating wasn't the answer for me anymore which was a real turning point - as i thought back over all the times i've had problems and nearly every time i've turned to food, sweets or wine.

I just needed to calm down and i've now found something else that makes me feel better - beating the hell out of a pretend person on the wii boxing game. lol :) Not only does it let off steam, it's excersise too so i'm burning calories instead of piling them on by comfort eating.

Lipotrim is hard and you don't need people upsetting you like that when they know what your doing, so shame on them they're in the wrong not you.

Take care, hope things get better for you both.

Thanks a mill Cath laughed out loud at wagon wheels !
I know it's not the answer to eat but it was such an eye
opener that I felt like that today going for a walk now
by the sea to get rid of the negativityX

Sorry Sandra for your dilema hope you feeling a bit better
and sorry for rant on your thread ! X

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