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  1. willtoloose

    willtoloose Full Member

    ok i m stuck
    today i ate this

    2 regular slices brown bread
    2 large egg white
    Add Item

    1 cup, with pits, yields cherry
    1 cup skim milk
    1 container weight watcher yogurt

    1 cup cooked, diced chicken
    1 serving FAT FREE YOGURT

    mostly my menu is almost same , add some rice or veg here n thr but i am unable to use all my points, would that effect my weight loss, in general i m confused coz its not coming up to 1100 i thought of previously , its almost 850

    what do u think i should add
    PLSSSSSSSSSSS HElp!:confused:
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  3. PrettyPaula

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    youve very little in the way of healthy fats and veggies... some nuts, 1 egg yolk, some greens or maybe a little cheese

    stickin with this diet will make your skin bad and hair feel bad to... x
  4. MrsLmc

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    Its hard to see what plan you are following. If its propoints why don't you eat the whole egg for breakfast, some chicken, salmon or tuna with lunch and a full salad with it, and for dinner add chicken, lean meat or something with veg, potatoes or rice/noodles. You don't seem to be eating very much at all. Take a look through the diary section for ideas. Best of luck xx
  5. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

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    I'm confused about what you mean by 1100/850 are you counting calories

    You're definitely not eating enough. As a matter of interest how many points does that menu equate to and how many should you be on. I'm not sure why you're eating so little
  6. willtoloose

    willtoloose Full Member

    oh i m afraid

    well this is my first time on ww
    i hav 29 points allowance but as always, i diet n only than i get so strict with it that i starve myself n fail
    this time i knw i can eat alot in the allowance but idea of noodles or chocolate freaks me ,I might not loose weight
    so m just trying to know what usually u all would add in this to reach the pp n not eating crap
    n yes i was thinking abt the cal too
  7. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Weight Watchers
    You do need to eat all your daily points. You also have to decide if youre doing points or calorie counting. Doing both just doesnt work
  8. Bridesmaid-to-be

    Bridesmaid-to-be Full Member

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    what about buying some ww ready meals ?

    they are already counted for you so you'll know exactly how many points are in your meal and can just bulk it with some extra veg / salad !

    that what i mainly do. with the odd home done meal added now and again now i'm starting to get my head round the diet and knowing what i can and cant have in my daily's

    also take a look at other peoples food diary's they are a great help for ideas and people tend to put the pp's beside things so you can know how many pp's are in things ! :)

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