all you slow cooker experts !!


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Its my daughters birthday on saturday and the plan is to take a group of girls to the bear factory,then home for burgers and hotdogs.
To save a bit of time was thinking of pre cooking some or all of the burgers and sausages,wrap them in foil and leave them to keep warm in my slow cooker.

Do you think this would work ok ?
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I always thought that slow cookers had to have liquid in there.....maybe I am wrong. You could wrap in foil and then heat up in the oven when you get back, shouldn't take too long...


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I got some books from the library when I got my SC and there was a recipe for cooking your breakfast sausages overnight. Sorry I can't help with any more information than that. And no you don't always need liquid in the SC as you can quite happy roast squash or bake potatoes in them.


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When you cook in a slow cooker the steam it generates usually keeps your food from drying out plus the natural juices in whatever you are cooking.

I would think it depends on how long you are going to be away - so maybe warming your cooked burgers in the oven or microwave would be a better option for you.

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I wouldn't warm them up at all, they're only going to take a short while to cook anyway. If it were me I'd prepare everything, ie. have them ready to cook & as soon as you all get in turn on the grill. By the time the girls have got settled dinner will be ready. I'm not too keen on warming food up.