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Allanah's diet diary: New start for a new me

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Weight Loss Diaries' started by allanah, 6 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. allanah

    allanah Well-Known Member

    So this is day one of my new Lipotrim diet.

    I had done Lipotrim in January to the start of March but I sort of went down hill through the rest of March and April.

    So here I am, the first Tuesday in May. A new day and a new start for me.

    I am determined to reach my goal and will be hoping to fit in to the dress I bought the other day for a wedding...
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  3. allanah

    allanah Well-Known Member

    Day two of Lipotrim!

    So glad to be back on this!

    I feel like I am not hungry in the slightest and never realised how good it felt to be on this diet. Not in ketosis yet and know it might be harder tomorrow but I am determined to loose to my target :D

    Had my three shakes today and currently drinking the sparkling stuff :)
  4. Tequila1

    Tequila1 Well-Known Member

    Hello and well done on getting through the first days...
  5. allanah

    allanah Well-Known Member

    So I am on Day 5... Yeh really fell of the bandwagon... forgot how hard this is and lost my determination by Saturday evening. However tomorrow is a fresh new day and I am feeling positive. I shall succeed and I shall do this! No more cheating!

    I am determined to loose these three stone from now!!!
  6. Tequila1

    Tequila1 Well-Known Member

    How are you getting on allanah? Stay strong. Get your body into ketosis and it will do the rest!
  7. allanah

    allanah Well-Known Member

    Been on a week today.

    I've lost 7 lbs

    I am super shocked... considering as I cheated...

    Determined! Determined! Determined!

    Cold Turkey from here on out :)
  8. allanah

    allanah Well-Known Member

    Day two of really doing this! Drinking loads of water. Had my first shake of the day, about to have a second!

  9. allanah

    allanah Well-Known Member

    Day Three of this week!

    Two shakes down, drank 2 litres of water already and going to Aeromix tonight :) Determined!!!!
  10. allanah

    allanah Well-Known Member

    I was doing so well... then I cheated again...

    I had visit from mother nature and then I screwed up :( Determined to get back on track and I am hoping for the best now. :(
  11. allanah

    allanah Well-Known Member

    So I lost 3 lbs this week. Not all that surprising as I did have a call from mother nature and it affects it. Determined to loose more this week though. I want to get to 12st as soon as possible!

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