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Alli- friendly food recipes?

Hiya Pippa,

I would recommend The Alli Diet Plan Book its filled with recipes and my partner eats what I have also...

I would also say log onto How healthy works | alli you will have a weekly weigh in with alli and there are also great recipes on there

I was on alli for a month before going to my Dr to ask for Xenical which is what I am now on....stay in touch hun xxx
Alli is a great tablet hun just make sure you use it to the best of its ability......its about a lifestyle change and not a diet....its all about re-educating yourself on good foods

the alli diet plan book is great and I swear by it....the recipes are fantastic

Goodluck xx
I've been dieting for about two and a half months, lost twisting but now I've been hovering between 212 ad 214lbs for three weeks, it's really frustrating!
How many calories are you having ? what foods are you eating?

If your having pasta 50-75g dry weight
if your having rice 40g dry weight
if your having chicken 150g

as I say get the alli diet plan book it really teaches you how everything works...its about getting your portions right .....when having a snack make sure its really low in fat.....

I have mostly stir-fry veg, grilled chicken, soups, lots of prawns, snacks tend to be snack a jacks (bigger ones, not bags) alpen light bars.

I keep portions quite small, I'm just looking for more variety really, I don't eat dairy much anymore (other half is allergic and he does all the cooking!) so I don't have much fat from that, I do like my eggs though!
only use a tbsp oil when you stir fry !!
i eat eggs too i love them.......as i say get the alli diet plan book its recipes are great and are good for all the family.......you then realise the portion size....as 500g of meat is normally between 4 people.....it has a great variety of info as well ....i highly recommend it :)

what exercise are you doing as i lowed down a bit but just shocked my body and its started again on good losses....i normally lose around 12lbs a month :)

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