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Not such a fat kat now :)


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Alli....no thanks!! I have no inclination to pay a lot of money for tabs that make you crap your pants if you eat a bit of fat!
Just do SW! You can eat so much, and still lose weight. Why go through that embarassment?
I have seen it about but not thought about it... What are the side effects?
I was on Xenical ( which is the same drug as Alli, only twice the strength), for just over a year. It helped me enormously, but I wouldn't have used it, or Alli in conjunction with SW or WW. I know some girls here on SW are also taking Xenical, but for me personally, I felt doing one or the other was better for me.
With Alli and Xenical you really need to keep an eye on the amount of fat you eat, you follow a 5% fat diet, and have no more than 15 g of fat per meal. And yes it worked for me, but I honestly wouldn't do them both together, for the simple reason that I feel it over complicates things. You either follow SW, where you keep a food diary, with no measuring etc, or you take the tabs, with a food diary that records fat grams. I just felt that if I took the tabs at the same time as doing SW, I wouldn't feel the *freedom* really of following SW.
The reason I'm now at SW and off the tabs is that I hit a plateau, which after 2 + months, was really seriously beginning to do my head in:rolleyes:, I have my first WI on Tuesday, and I'm feeling really confident ( even though I've been really good and not been on my scales at home :D)



Not such a fat kat now :)
Thanks, I dont think I really actually want to take it I was just mulling over possibilities of losing weight a bit quicker. I love SW and the way I eat, I cant imagine eating any other way. Im going through a slow patch at the minute and want to give it a boost. However, the delightful side effects of Alli and similar really dont endear me to it. Dont think Ill bother.


I'm the tortoise.
Shelley is taking Alli, along with SW, purely because SW on it's own is not working 'fast enough'. We eat exactly the same, but where I'd lose 2lbs, Shelley would only lose 1lb. She's just trying it for a month, see how it goes.
hi ive thought about taking alli i went to the doctor to ask about them and get more as i was told i may get them on presciption,after going to the doctors i was told they werent that great but i would have to show i could lose weight for myself before i got prescribed them,after loosing a stone i went back to my doctors 4 weeks later i was told i could try a months supply but i deciced not to after i heard a friends experience of them.my friend is doing slimming world and has lost 2 stone by herself doing the plan but she has another 2 to loose and wanted it to come off a bit quicker but after buying a months supply for about £300 she said it was disaster and would never do do it again,after having to limit your self to 15grams of fat the constant feeling of needing to go to the toilet and now for the unpleasent bit sorry to be crude having the feeling like you have **** yourself as fat would come out her bum if you have more than 15grams of fat and having to constantly going to the toilet to make sure you havent leaked in your pants.To be honest i would just stick with what you are doing it will come off if you stick with the plan goodluck.


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I take Metformin for diabetes which has the same side effects if I eat too much fat. I have no side effects at all if I stick to SW. If however I fall off the wagon, then I get that sinking feeling in my stomach and know I have just minutes to get to the toilet.

I have to take Metformin, I have no choice in the matter. For the most part I have no problem with it. If I'm going out for a big meal and I know I'll be eating a high fat meal or dessert, I switch to insulin (this is on the recommendation of my diabetic nurse). I used to be on Metformin and insulin together. But because I've done well with my weight loss and am sticking to SW, my blood sugars have come right down and I no longer need to take the insulin.

I also take green tea. I believe that it does help, albeit very slightly, with weight loss. I take it in capsule form once a day, but I know of others at my group who drink it in tea form.

Be warned though not to take it after 4pm at night or it will keep you awake. It's a little like a caffeine fix.....lol.
Alli = bum leakage = very smelly = no one likes you.

I'd rather be fat.
Only if you do not follow the food no more than 5% fat and no more than 15g of fat per meal rule.
I was on Xenical ( double the strength of Alli) for about 16 months and not once did I have leakage, I never smelled and I never tangoed my toilet.
Alli and Xenical are like any other weight loss method/aid....cheat and you suffer the consequences, use it properly and it will help you lose weight.


Nojo on the YoYo
I was on it too, ate nothing but lettuce because the side effects were so strong, fainted on a couple of occasions. When I tried to eat anything more solid than leaves it happened.

It's a horrible and dangerous drug. I'm glad that didn't happen to you but obviously different people have different reactions to it.
I was taking Xenical before and doing the SW plan. I lost 2lbs in 2 months!!
For me, it didnt work, but gave me all the glorious side effects!
Xenical - hated it!

I have also been on Xenical, but only stuck it for just under a month, i had a similar experience to Vixxster, i religiously followed the diet sheet given to me by the weight loss team, and had constant stomach cramps, terrible leakage and several times i felt like i was going to pass out.. the doctor recommended I came off them in the end, as even though i lost weight, i think this was more to do with the fact i was too scared to eat, and therefore making myself ill :cry:
As with any drug people experience different side effects, but in my experience the side effects were very severe. :jelous:


Not such a fat kat now :)
I have to say it sounds awful.

Ninja, where do you buy green tea tablets?
I dont mind green tea, I do lose weight if I drink green tea but it is something I have to make myself drink. Bearable but not addictive.
I have considered Alli in the past, but I suffer pretty badly with IBS (d) and don't want to give myself an extra reason to worry about being away from a toilet.

Funny thing is the whole time I was on WW and so far the whole time I've been on SW I've not had one IBS episode. It really is food related. I don;t know why I didn't jsut eat this healthy all the time!

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