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Bring on the weight loss!
So, just to let anyone who is interested know....I will be starting on my brand spanking new months supply of Alli on Sunday/Monday (most likely Monday as its my boyfriends birthday this weekend lol) - keep an eye if you want, im going to follow the instructions to the T!! :D

I shall try this experiment for the benefit of not just me but to help everyone else too hehehehe, lets see if it works!!!!

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Bring on the weight loss!
PS - Meant to ACTUALLY mention that im going to be keeping a diary on the Alli section for anyone who is interested lol Doh!!......
I started on Saturday, so really interested to know how Alli works for you too.

I ate pizza last night so didn't take my tablet, but still had 'effects' this morning. Think that must have been caused by my smoked salmon lunch - I forgot as an oily fish it would be fatty.

It's kind of satisfying in a gross way to know it's working, but it is enough of a deterrent to eating fat. No way can I stand the inconvenience.
I plan to join Slimming World or at least follow that diet, and the Alli is to keep my on plan. I cheat far to readily, whereas the possibility of the treatment effects will really help me stick to low fat food choices.

The Alli board is really quiet so it'll be nice to (hopefully) see someone else's successes to spur me on!


Bring on the weight loss!
Exactly!! With these its like you dont wanna eat high fat foods because of the 'effects' it may have on you lol

I ate breakfast and lunch and had tablets for those but ate over the fat i was supposed to this evening and so havnt taken a tablet - hopefully the effects wont be too bad but its put me off doing that again (its was my bf's birthday! :( ) X
I've just bought some Alli, I plan to start tomorrow, I wanted to start cutting down a few days before I started as it advises. I think these are going to be the incentive I need to stop me eating crap, the thought of shitting myself at work is horrific, so once you've taken the pill you HAVE to eat properly.

Lets hope it works for all of us.


Bring on the weight loss!
Under each section it has a bit at the top that says 'new thread' and to post a pic you have to edit and cut it down to the allowed size first (100/100megapixels) hehe. All confusing I know - you'll get there in the end hun hehe X


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I wish you luck with alli! i would love to try it but am way too confused about how it works! hows it going for you?

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