Only me in my way! VLCD

Yes I think I looked at the Cambridge one but went for the cheaper option.
I almost ordered some of the exante vegan ones didn't want to risk it.
I watched a Netflix documentary called What The Health yesterday now don't fancy eating much of anything. I don't recommend it unless you're prepared to go vegan! 😒
Ok,got out early(ish). 5k walk done.
Outfit today is a clingy navy maxi dress with white stripes. Wore a short navy cardigan over it to begin with but got too hot so cardi went round my waist. Downside, upper arms in show, upside, bum covered. But it's all good because (and here is a secret I've discovered), no one else cares what I wear!! I have struggled with mental health in the past, and depression is an old friend that comes and goes, but I'm so glad to have left social anxiety behind in my early twenties. Yesterday on my walk I had to walk past a crowded beer garden and a group of teenagers playing by a river. I know that someone with social anxiety would have really struggled with that, as I might have in the past, but now I take the view that if people want to laugh at me (and no one did), then the laughter has brightened up their day.
However, I'm self aware enough to say I'm still not ready to do a home workout when the builders are here 😁😁😁
Miracles will never cease - I bought a top in a charity shop and got it home and it fits and I like it! this rarely happens. I do however need to stop shopping compulsively, it's what I replace eating with and it's not good!!
So day has finished on 12,800 steps.
Food: soup/red bean chilli (which smelt amazing and tasted of precisely nothing)/ 3 boiled eggs with asparagus/ bar.

All good, think I'll try and get out for a walk early again tomorrow.
Walk done, beautiful this morning. As I walk I've been listening to an audio book which is a collection of blogs from an American woman who lost a large amount of weight with a gastric bypass. For the most part it's a good listen, and when you hear about how her parents treat her etc you can understand why she developed disordered eating etc. It's towards the end I'm finding it really annoying. She seems to have transformed into someone who now thinks they know best how to eat and live, that people shouldn't 'diet', they should eat mindfully and healthfully. Yes, no **** Sherlock, but at least one person probably suggested this to you at 420 pounds but it didn't feel like an option. She goes on to admit that the surgery helped her because it stopped the hunger (that's a pretty big help) but she feels sure she would have overcome her issues anyway through strength of mind and self-love. She's also very critical of others' way of eating. She meets a lady who has lost 80 pounds and when she asks how she has done it the lady replies 'stopped eating'. Our author is hugely critical of this and thinks it faulty thinking and 'anorectic', she thinks denying the body food is unhealthy, but this is just a passing conversation at a yard sale. Possibly the lady meant she stopped eating so much, or she did one of the many fasting regimes which some humans have been doing for medical and spiritual reasons for centuries.

I don't know. I'm left hugely irritated. Perhaps it's because losing weight is such a personal thing, and when people find their own way to do it, great! Don't then assume that's the best way for everyone else. I have had success previously with Atkins, VLCD, calorie counting. I would never recommend these to others just because they worked for me.

I am also irritated by the dogma that diets don't work if you gain it all back. I gained my weight back because I chose to eat too much. Now I'm choosing to lose the weight. Like I said in a previous post, this won't be the 'last time', my weight will probably fluctuate throughout my life. That's ok.

Ooh, it's really got my back up has that 😁
Some of my eBay parcels have arrived! The cullottes, well. I'm not sure. I think they're beautiful but they're not something I would normally wear, but then I think, why not wear something just because you think it's beautiful, never mind if it's "you" or not? I did this last autumn with a bright red Dalmatian spot pleated midi skirt, and I got lots of compliments although my extended family did give it a bit of a funny look (parents and siblings etc). But then my family have always been quite conservative about clothes whereas I like to play! Anyway, back to the cullottes, they're only about an inch or so from fitting (tailored, non stretchy, fasten with a side zip so sucking in doesn't really help 😊) which is a lot closer than I expected them to be. I shall report back if I ever get into them and take them for an outing. Tops are all fine and nice. Bolero/shrug thing for wedding outfit on sunday arrived too. I'm not in love with this outfit, but it will do. I think it would be different if I was going somewhere I knew everyone,but I will literally only know the groom and my husband, so as long as I'm smart enough, meh.
These are they...


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So day is finished. 10.5k steps, shake/bar/3 eggs/bar.
Not really feeling it tonight, feeling a bit flat, tired and depressed.
Hope I feel better tomorrow
I felt very low last night too, which resulted in eating, that made me feel worse. 😔
Fingers crossed for a better day today 😊🌝
I'm sorry to hear that. Fingers crossed indeed! I'm already feeling a bit better, had my walk this morning and have had a shower and shaved and exfoliated because I'm getting a fake tan later. I don't often get them (haven't for a few years now), but when the outfit is black in summer I think I need to or I'll look really washed out. Used coconut oil mixed with sugar for the scrub and it's worked really nicely.
Wearing my new top from the charity shop today, and feeling I don't look too bad.
Hoping my new Exante order turns up today - I want something interesting to eat, only really have shakes left.
Also finished that audio book thank God. She was really annoying me by the end!
Well,horrific at the moment, but I'm hopeful after a shower in the morning it will look ok 😁
Day 12: around 11k steps (had to take Fitbit off for tan). Soup/porridge/eggs/bar.

First taste of the birthday cake bar. That would ruin anyone's birthday 🤣

More eBay stuff arrived, including 2 tops which fit nicely and one which seems to have been tailored with Tinkerbell in mind....
Day 13 done. Apple crumble/bar/eggs/carbonara. I'm going to weigh tomorrow as I have to eat tomorrow night. Hope I've lost some but don't feel any different to last week really, you know how some weeks you just KNOW you've lost weight. I'm not feeling that, but to be fair, I've not had any cravings this week or been particularly hungry, so happy just to plod on. Apparently the couple we're going to tomorrow night, one is teetotal and one eats low carb. We're having curry. This means I can eat low carb and there'll be no pressure to eat what I don't want or drink alcohol so I'm quite looking forward to it really.
2.5 lbs this week, taking me to 13lbs in a fortnight. I'm pleased with that. It exactly matched what I lost in the first fortnight of doing this diet for the first time. I'm still not ready to find out my total weight. I know that if it's still over what I was when I first started I'll feel discouraged, and it's too early on my journey to feel discouraged.
Also, my dress for tomorrow fits perfectly now, just need to make sure I don't get any bloating. So may stay away from the bars as they can cause that for me.
Ok, so I was brave and asked Mr Fat Chick my start weight. Wow. I'm actually glad I didn't know, I think I would have been freaked out as I've never been that high before. Weird to think I was 5 stone heavier than I was at uni, and I spent most of my time thinking I was fat at uni.
Anyway, scales don't lie.
My next goal is the weekend of 3rd and 4th July when I have a wedding and a family lunch. I'd like to be under 13, 7 for that.
Today I've had two products so far and done a lovely 5 mile walk. Have this dinner party tonight - no carbs ,no alcohol, no problem 😁