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Allowed drinks

You can have tea and coffee with no milk. You can have "bullett" sweeteners, but spoonable sweeteners are not allowed. You are not allowed teas that are made from fruits or flowers, only teas made from leaves.

Not sure about chewing gum, not something that I use too much. I tend to use a breath-fresh spray when needed.
Depends whether you are sticking to the "official" CD line, or playing with what you can "get away with" :D

I'm not starting another World War here, but someone who is only 3 days into the diet should not start playing with the rules. For the first few weeks I would stick 100% to what CD says. Only then when well established into ketosis start with the rule breaking that some of us get away with.
my cdc stated i could have coke zero from the start due to the fact it has no citiric acid and therefore will not affect ketosis. but could not drink more than 600mls . i find 1 can hits the spot .


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
1 can of coke zero is fine, no more than 660 mls a day......
also green tea and peppermint tea are fine..
black tea and coffee with tab sweetner if needed

I chew trident all days with no ill effects.................can make some people feel hungry so be careful.
Fair enough, if a CDC says that you can have it who am I to argue. I have always been told, including very recently when I asked, just black tea/coffee, and water. Nothing else.

Looks like we may have inconsistency between CDC's.

I wonder what the true "official" line is from Cambridge on what you can have if you were to adhere to the rules 100%?


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
In the new weight and health book is does mention coke zero as no more than 660 mls a day. This one is best because it does not contain citric acid like alot of diet drink do.


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My Booklet States I Can Have Zero Drinks But Think It Was Something Like 1 Pint Is That 600mls ?i Am Going To Get Zero Sprite Today (will Check Label First Just In Case )


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S: 21st7lb C: 10st8lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 21.9 Loss: 10st13lb(50.83%)
Just A Thought Dont Think Anyone Has Mentioned Zero Coke Is Not Instead Of Water U Still Need To Drink As Much As Is Recomended If Not More Xx


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My CDC also said I could have coke zero but said if I can do without it then I should, haven't had any yet but listening to you guys I could do with a can lmao, thing is I don't want to be wanting fizzy juice atall once I've reached target.
Thanks for all your replies. I should have put in my first post that I don't drink tea or coffee (can't stand the taste) which is why I was looking for something else to drink. I went out last night and drank water which just made me feel more sick. I'm going out tonight so I will just have one Coke Zero.

Also I don't normally chew gum as I'm not that keen on it but since starting the diet my mouth feels so dry and my breath smells. Is this a normal side effect? I have drunk 3 litres both days so far so I don't think it is due to dehydration.

The smelly breath is the ketones.....if you don't want to chew gum then get a gold spot spray from the chemist..
Thanks. Does it last all the time you're on the diet or is it just an initial side effect?
im not a gum chewer either which is why i bought the gold spot spray . squirt on the tongue , fab !!
you can also have perfectly clear strawberry and kiwi flavour water .... i thinks its perf clear . personally i dont like the flavoured waters only the ones with citric acid in !!! strawb / kiwi does not contain citric acid .


Loooooves MiniMins
S: 14st2lb C: 13st6.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30.4 Loss: 0st9.5lb(4.8%)
the dodgy breath is normal hun unfortunately, remember you're not chewing etc and if you're in ketosis then you can smell it sometimes

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