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almost wi2

hey lovely new friends,

well im almost at week 2 wi (mon morning) and finding it so easy with the shakes now its like normal life to me, apart from the odd temptation. im happy to say ive been strong.

have alot of stress with my family atm, mostly with hubby, bloody men! part of its to do with this diet. anyway thats a long story so wont bore u all with it.

really think i wouldve caved last week if i didnt have u guys to moan to and all the support ive recieved.
im so glad i found this site, many many thanks to all, u really are a great bunch of people

x x
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Positivity is the key
Hi Jenny,
Glad Lt is going well for you even with all the external challenges of family etc. Wishing you all the best for your Monday weigh in, just keep focussed on that and all will be ok.
This site is great isn't it .. I come on here every day to get motivated and it certainly has kept me going. Well done for sticking with it.


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
whooo!! My weigh ins are mondays too - i count down the sleeps! only 2 more to go!!!! :D :bliss:

Hopefully your family probs will get better soon - i hear what yer saying about men!!!!!!! :sigh:
Lipotrim can be a way to keep ourselves sane in all the madness can't it babes? When things are going crazy, loptrim allows to to keep plodding on and keep a control of at least one aspect of our lives.

So glad you're doing so well. Keep it up!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Best of luck for w2 wi. Hope hubby comes to see that it is good for you.
Men are on a different planet sweetie. They'll never understand us women! We're too complex haha!

It's great that you're finding it easy and it's become part of your life. That makes you more determined and focused.

Your Hubby will get used to the changes. He'll soon realise that LT is not forever and you're changing for the better. You're turning into a healthier happier person and that can only benefit him.

Keep strong and I'm looking forward to reading about your weigh in.
This site is great isn't it .. I come on here every day to get motivated and it certainly has kept me going. Well done for sticking with it.
Ditto, I find logging on here really stops me feeling hungry and takes my mind off everything.

Well done!!
Hey Jenny,

glad you're feeling so positive and that LT is working for you! Can't wait to see how much you've lost on Monday! Make sure you update us asap!!

Oh...and it would never 'bore' us if you felt the need to get stuff off your chest- that's what we're here for.

Big hugs

dont know why but ur replies made me cry.
guess im just in a bad place right now :cry: hurts that total strangers are giving me more support than my own husband.

thx every1

x x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
jenny, don't be too hard on him. He may be feeling insecure as he may fear that when you like your old self that he will have rivals for his affection. This diet also is an upheaval to your social life as you are only on water or black coffee when you go out. If your relationship is sound thn find some quiet time and ask him to hear out your reasons before he says his piece. It can be sorted just takes patience and the two of you. Start by telling him how much you love him. take care
Hey babe,

Don't cry!! A) Men are rubbish B) LT is sooo tough that it's hard for ANYONE to understand what we're going through.

Just know that we're ALL here for you and you're doing brilliantly- don't let ANYTHING or ANYONE get you down- you're doing this for YOU!!

Ah hun it is so great dat you have settled into LT so fast pity dat one of the hurdles some of us if not all is other people understanding. I'm sure things will sort themselves out i have discovered that men are less likely to understand this diet but the happier he sees you the happier and more understanding he will become. just hang in there and it will all work out.

good luck for the week ahead.
hey, just thought id let u all know im feeling so much better 2day. made up with hubby, had a really good talk, hopefully everything is sorted now. also lost 5lbs 2day so pretty happy right now.
bloody hubby had so much influence on my mood, must be love. lol.
thanks again every1

x x

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