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Alpen light bars : chocolate & fudge


I ♥ Slimming World :)
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Seems my local Tesco has stopped stocking them :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Didn't have any when we did our weekly shop, but went back today and the space has been filled with something else.


I swear if they stop stocking banana & custard Muller lights I am gonna have to kill someone lol
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Violent withdrawals from Muller lights not good...
Send a warning letter to Tesco!!!!!!!!!


I can do this............
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alpen lights are 2 for £2.50 at sainsburys! I love choc and fudge alpens my favs!!

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no choc ones at our sainsburys this afternoon either :(
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Omg nooo. choc and fudge r my fave, i already drive 20 mins out of my way to get them cause neither of my local supermarkets stock em as it is!
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I've never had choc & fudge but now im sooo curious, are they a healthy B? I'm getting pretty sick of the weetabix white choc bars. How do I put my awards under my posts like you guys? Char x
S: 22st0lb C: 20st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 43.8 Loss: 2st0lb(9.09%)
Thnx Tiggz, I think I figured it out but when I put 3 awards on it says exceded 150 character limit.. :s ?? x


I will succeed!!!
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I've never even seen choc and fudge! I get choc and orange from my local Morrisons and the summer fruits and apple ones from sainsbury.

I'm new to this whole alpen light world - I love them though! So much so they are usually a HEB for me no matter what day I am doing :) x
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yeah, so far iv only seen big tescos stocking them, they are nice though! its a nice change because i usually just eat the choc and orange or apple ones.. boo summer fruits! the ones i have are always tough and hard and give me jaw ache!


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I kinda find that once you start seeing them in shops like Home Bargains and B&M then it's the beginning of the end for them...

Mrs V

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My local Tesco dont stock the fudge ones (which are gorgeous), but my local Asda do.


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yes i like these ones too. If i see them locally i'll give you a shout, I normally pick them up in Sainsburys or Tesco they were in Sainsbury's last week so i'll check for you before weds if i can.
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I can only get summer fruits or apple ones and have become addicted to the summer fruits one as the apple ones aren't appealing to me. May see if I can get my dad to get some of the others and send them over to try as I love the Choc Orange Hifi Bars but you can only have 1 of those but 2 Aplen lights. Hoping I can get some Mint Hifi bars tomorrow night as they really are lush and the OH liked them and it's a good way to get him to eat something for brekkie after his morning pt session


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Bigger tescos seem to have them.......they are my favs.......saves me eating all the cakes and chocs at work. I don't feel deprived.
Are any other bars as good and low syned??????
Choc and fudge are the best!

Our Tesco don't stock them either, but I made a special trip (20 miles round trip) to ASDA today to stock up. I bought 6 boxes (just need to make sure I don't eat them all in one go though......)


I ♥ Slimming World :)
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Thanks for coming to my rescue with those two boxes BaysideJ!!

I need to find a new source. I feel an email to Alpen coming on lol
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Funny this is mentioned cos i have not seen any choc n orange of late and they are my faves!! i think an email may be a good idea x


slow but steady!
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ooooh the fudge are my fave but luckily my asda still seems to be doing them :) phew!

never liked the apple n sultana ones before but they are currently a pound a box in farmfoods and i have grown to like them they taste just like flapjack :D


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