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Alpro Coconut milk

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Healthy Extras' started by WasMicci, 12 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. WasMicci

    WasMicci Silver Member

    I was sure I'd seen this on the SW site but can't find it tonight. It has only 20 kcal per 100 ml as opposed to 39 for the ordinary standard sweetened variety and the same amount of calcium, so it looks to me that you should be able to have twice as much, which is what I could have sworn I saw earlier in the week. Strange.

    Has anyone else seen it on the site?

    It's delicious, sweet and thick and creamy, I don't understand how it can be so low in calories.
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  3. WasMicci

    WasMicci Silver Member

    I must have been mistaken when I saw it on the SW site, I'll show a carton to my consultant tonight.
  4. slimLolly

    slimLolly Full Member

    I'd say it's too new to be on the site yet. The stats are fairly similar to Koko so I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up with around the same amount when/if they add it to the list.

    It's thick but low calorie because it has rice and three thickeners in it, btw.
  5. WasMicci

    WasMicci Silver Member

    You're right, it is very new. My consultant said tonight she would alert head office to it.
  6. Lucresia

    Lucresia New Member

    Hi, just wondered if you had any update on this? I can't find anything anywhere and would like to switch to the coconut one if I can have it as a HEXA. Thanks x
  7. Jaffa Cake

    Jaffa Cake Gold Member

    Looks like it is 600 ml

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