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Alternative step up plans?

I am about to move up the plans, spending two weeks on the 1000, 1200 and 1500 plans. I like very little of the food that is on offer, in each case I only like one of the suggested meals, which would be a bit boring for all 14 days. Are there any alternatives, for eg Marks and Spencer low cal meals or something similar? Equally I do not really like most of the snacks on offer, again are there any alternatives? thanks for any advice from people who have 'been there'
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i haven't got to this stage yet but best check with your CDC however i don't low cal ready meals would be advisable they contain way too much salt which will make you retain water and it would be good to try and stick to fresh foods. Maybe list the foods you do like out of the choices and see if someone could come up with some recipe ideas for you i would certainly have a go xx
Being completely honest, I didn't stick to all the meal ideas on 1000-1500. I'm pescatarian (veggie and fish) and to be frank there wasn't much that appealed. I did some, and had them 2-3 times per week. The rest of the time I used veg and proteins from SS+ and 810, and substituted into the meal ideas (meaty ones) at the higher steps without detriment.

There's both a calorie count to be mindful of and a nutritional balance (carbs/proteins/fats)- better to make your own meals up if you're really going to do this (avoid ready meals which are piled full of gunk!) and keep as close to the model nutrition balance and calorie count as possible with food items that are used in the recipes.


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I would try the plans as they are, sticking as closely as you can... I had limited options too, as I am veggie, but found that the plans over-turned my previous distaste for quorn (I love it now) and made me a fruit fanatic, which I wasn't at all before.

I think the plans are partly about educating us into healthier patterns, and that has to be worth at least giving your best shot as you've come so far on SS. You may find your tastes have changed... a good time to challenge old opinions!

Also, the plans are not just about counting cals but also carbs & they gradually increase carbs as you step up thru the plans... avoiding a sudden glycogen gain & minimising risk of sudden carbs triggering cravings or overeating. AND of course the plans as they are make sure you get a totally balanced nutritional intake. So... I really wouldn't mess with that. The plans work... surely it's worth a little while longer sticking to this? You have done SO well I know you can do this last bit!


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