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am back


i love minimins me :)
hey everyone

i moved house n had no internet for 2 months, so sorry to anyone that i was doin challenges with :(

nice to see a few familiar faces n loads of new newbies :) hello, good luck and well done to everyone :)

i really need to get back onto cambridge cos i have put on about a stone more than before i started whoops, i cudnt do it without the support on here :(

hopefully i can start again soon, but i need to get myself back into that state of mind first, hopin bein back on here will give me the motivation, am off to read the success stories and remind myself of all the pics n how fab this diet is

p.s anyone remember me lol

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i love minimins me :)
its my b/f birthday next weekend and we are away all weekend so i think i shall start on the tue which is the 25th and use this week to cut down on carbs n increase the water intake :)

have u re-started or or u due to re-start and how much r u lookin to loose



i love minimins me :)
hey nice to meet ya :)

erm i am looking to loose 4stone5lbs minimum n then see how i feel at that weight, cos i have always been overweight so not sure how much i shud ideally be for my body

but this time i am jus gonna concentrate on doing 1 month at a time and see how i do
welcome back Stacey. Good plan to low carb in the run up to starting CD. Should make those difficult first few days a little easier. You will get all of those 4 stones off if you stay focused you could even be at goal by Christmas.

Welcome back to you too Aussiebug. How have the first few days been?
sorry if I'm hijacking the thread!

thanks for the wishes of luck :)

the first few days have been ok actually...a lot easier than I thought. I think seeing some pics of me on holiday (and hating them) has really put me in my place.

and stacey, like you, while I want to lose a fair bit... I'm also taking it month by month :)


Wants to be a loser!
Hi Stacey,

Good to have you back :p. I hope you are settling in well after moving and glad to see you have the internet back :D - my OH keeps talking about changing our provider and I am fiercely resisting as apparently we could be without access for a week or so and I really can't bear to be without it.

I have not been posting much recently - I have started working on a self employed basis on top of my full time job to earn some extra pennies so don't have much free time at the moment - I still try to log on every day or two though, even if it is just to lurk. My OH keeps joking that I will have to give up minimins once I am at goal - he has quickly learnt not to joke about these things and that he should not underestimate my love for and the power of minimins!

Good luck with the re-start - I am sure you will do fabulously, and you know we will all be here to support you. I am moving up the plans now :eek: and currently on 790 - the amount of food you get is HUGE and taking quite alot of getting used to.

Take care sweetie - good to have you back with us :hug99: xxx
Hi Stace, good luck with the diet.



i love minimins me :)
hey thanks everyone for all ya support

and well done to everyone for keep going especially ruth ya almost there am so jealous lol
i have explained the whole diet to my b/f n he sed he wil help me as much as he can so thats good :)