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Am going to have to eat-twice!Advice please!!


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Hiya, I've just completed day 8 and am feeling tired & cold but great coz I lost a stone. I need some advice though. At the end of the month its my partners BIG birthday and he is having TWO do's a week apart. Obviously I have to be at his side for both of them and am going to have to eat a bit. I'm worried a. it will muck it all up b. I'll eat something and feel ill because it will be 4 weeks since I ate anything solid.
Any advice for how I can manage this? I don't want to be a kill joy !
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Hiya I havent done CD in a long time and am coming back on pay day but its my understanding that as long as you stick to protein then you should be ok? Speak with your counsiller she/he will be able to advise!

Most of all good luck. 1 stone in 8 days is amazing!


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First find out where your going out for dinner , and try and see the menu and plan , i'd say chicken and salad , also go for a coke zero , as I think they used to let people have one a day on LL ? am I right that they used too ? well i'm sure by not over eating you';; get back on plan !


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no you can't have coke zero on CD
But I heard people on LL that they used to have it , but not now , but I know people do , I think as long as you get good losses , if not drop the coke , I tend to not have much as its also a teeth rotter
i believe its the citric acid in coke zero thats the problem.
however i have had 1 cdc that said it was ok, and the other who said it was a no-no.
i use it as a treat:rolleyes:


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see , you use it as a treat and your still losing weight :)
yes, thats true- but before WW i could drink 2 ltrs of full fat coke a day!!!
fizzy pop is my crutch, its what i have when im down- some people have cake, chocolate crisps etc i drink.
im alcohol free since starting WW and honestly other than a glass of wine at xmas etc, dont touch the stuff, its calories i could do without and odnt miss.
when i realised that there were 30 WW points in 2ltr, i switched instantly to diet, then zero.
i hope your meal out goes well.


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Just to point out... there is no citric acid in coke zero, loads in diet coke though...

Still not 'officially sanctioned' though, worth bearing in mind.


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Let me out, I would stick to foods allowed on the SS+ plan or 810 plan. Then you know you will still be in ketosis and burning fat. Also 'coke zero' does not have the official 'ok' from CD, however, I think it used to be allowed on CD, and I have read some people here treat themselves even to one can a night, so I am sure it would be fine to have on your two nights out.

I spoke to my CDC recently, i'm coming into week 6, about adding a meal when I feel the need - once a week or once every 2 weeks....and she said that is fine, whatever helps me get through this and stick to it. I think by week four you will be fine with ss+ allowed food of course, its when you add other foods carbs etc, your gonna mess around a bit with your mind and get an upset belly.


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i do have coke zero a couple of times a week on cd cos its my treat and it never affected my weight loss..

i will say something tho letmeout... do not beat yourself up over this... my main advice would be damage limitation... look what chicken options are available as sticking to protein is the best option, and if you can honestly say you plan on getting straight back on plan, then you will be fine...

i say don't best yourself up because at the end of the day, life sometimes gets in the way and we have to do these things :) keep smiling


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Okay, you may hate me for this, but when I was losing my weight I got used to p*ssing people off so it will be nothing new to me :)

I understand that you want to be there for your partner and you want to "support" him. But tell me, where is it written that supporting anyone in anything involves a) Eating anything you shouldn't, b) Drinking anything you shouldn't, c) Breaking your diet when you really know you shouldn't ......

You can support your partner all the way, at both do's, but nothing dictates that that support has to end up in a negative for you. Surely you can work this out so that you can stay true to yourself and the diet, and provide your support at the same time. If your partner has the same feelings for you that you clearly have for him then surely he will understand what you are doing and why, and he will provide reciprocal support .....

Okay - I know you hate me now!
Ah-I don't hate you now Steve. Not drinking is ot an issue but driving 200 miles for a birthday meal for 10 pepole ( that I'm paying for) might prove to much for me ! You're right though-I could just not eat if I have enough will power!
Thanks everyone for the advice- if I do eat it will be the chicken and I'll stick to water for my drinks following all your advice above


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as i say chick, life sometimes gets in the way xxx
Depends what you want more - to have a good time, or to lose weight? Surely its about the company you are keeping rather than what you are putting in your mouth?