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Am I being realistic?

Hi all, hope your all well

I am restarting on 18th July as I am on holiday for 2 weeks from work and Im going on a few mini breaks with my fiance but trying to calorie count and not go totally off the rails. I am restarting on 28th July and I am not going to let one ounce of food or any forbidden drink pass my lips until christmas day. That will be 23 weeks.

I have set a goal but my fiance and mum have said it is unrealistic. I am 20 stone and I want to be 12 stone by christmas which is an 8 stone loss. Which works out at just under 5lbs a week.

Is this realistic ????? Be honest folks as I want an achievable goal but dont wanna go easy on myself either :) x x x
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The Diet Guy

5 pounds loss a week for a lady is certainly on the high side and you may not quite make it, saying that if you drink your water really well and stick with it you will certainly either be at goal weight or pretty near to goal weigh on Xmas morning.

Go for it!



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You can certainly give it a good go......! As Mike said you should be pretty close to goal if you dont make it.


Queen of the Damned
Aim for the stars honey - no reason why you shouldn't come darn close!! :cool:


I can do this.
weight loss is rapid in the first few weeks....but it does slow down a little... maybe 3-4pounds a wk. But then again who knows, everyones differant. Good luck.

So whats the issue if you dont make 8st by Christmas you may only do 5st ....which is stil WOW !! whos the winner with 5st off or more ..........go for it every lb counts


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What have you got to lose except the weight?

Go for it and even if you don't quite make the 8st before christmas, it will still be a huge achievement.

Good luck:)


Water water everywhere
All you can do is your best, you won't lose it any faster any other way so just go for it :)

When I started on 2nd October last year I had lost 5 stone by Christmas Eve :)

It did slow down after that though


Nice and Normal
I totally agree! You've got nothing to lose but weight. There are some fantastic stories of loss on these pages. Natayou has lost 118lb since 3rd Feb this year - her diary is a fantastic read if you need motivation.

Good Luck - you can do it...just stick to it, follow it 100%, treat it as your priority and you can achieve it - or at least very close - and what a difference even 7 stone would make!!

The very best of luck to you hun xx


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Go for it. Enjoy your holidays without going off the rails, and then really knuckle down with the diet from the minute you get back.
8 stone is achievable if you are 100% - absolutely NO cheating, and keep glugging the water.
Like everyone else said, even if you dont quite make 8 stone imagine how fantastic you are going to look by christmas. That in itself should be really good motivation for you.

Good luck


jelly belly
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go for it
i`m sure if you stick to it 100% you will have agreat weight loss
you may not get to goal by xmas but you`ll sure be at least 5 stones down
good luck hun
kaz xxxx


Fed up of being fat
I echo everyone else ... go for it ... a loss is a loss, 3 stone, 5 or 8 ... its all worth it.


a bit different everyday
you know what v you may just blummin do it
if you can stick to it and do 4 litres of water a day you will have a fighting chance
in 20 weeks i have done 8 1/2 stones....it is possible
Thankyou so much your all so supportive, 8 stone is my goal but goodness me even If I lost 6 stone Id be like a new woman. I wanna get a lovely outfit and have my fiance be able to lift me up lol its the little things that make the most difference!! x x x

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