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AM i Dim???

Hi guys,,, Ive been back and forth to this site over the years but have decided that this time is the last! One quick question: the amount of veggies,, some folk say 3 mugs per day, well ive just looked on a bag of spinach, watercress and rocket which i have in the fridge and the entire bag is only 1.2grms of carbs!!!! Am sure enough to fill more than 3 mug fulls!!!! Im i missing out on something here??:(
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lol yep i hope so to be honest im not measuring them im just going with my normal serving size for salad/veg i never go mad on these things it was all the other stuff I went ott on :)
I think it's best to look at it as three cups min. Therefore if u choose lower carb vegs you'll get more than three cups. If u choose higher carb vegs you'll obv get less n so need to use the rest of the three cups left with lower carb vegs to be sure u get three cups a day. I tend to just count carbs overall n aim for at least three cups.
I just have a normal portion,,,,, if I had a cup full of broccoli can you imagine how much I'd get! Lol spinach is ace as you can have loads ( but once ita cooked it shrivela to nothing)
I never checked the carbs back in the day, mainly because I wasn't eating the bagged stuff then. I just had 3 mugs of chopped green veggies a day. KISS principle really.

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