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Am i doing it wrong?

I started my diet earlier this week on monday and i've already lost 2lbs?

Surely this cant be right?! I've heard to lose weight healthily it should be around 2lbs per week (obv depends on how much you weigh to begin with)

Thing is im not too overweight. Im 5'4" and weigh 9st 6lbs which is in the healthy range on the BMI chart.

All i've done is cut out ALL junk/snacks. The only thing im eating is 3 set meals a day (breaky, lunch and dinner) and water if im thirsty and thats it. Ive also incorporated exercise into my routine (about 20 mins of cardio everyday)

I dont think its water retention because im constantly drinking water from a bottle that i carry with me everywhere.

Is it healthy losing weight this fast?

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You'll probably lose more the first week as a lot of it will be water. Most people tend to lose more the first week of their diet than they do subsequent weeks.

The other thing to remember is mid week weigh ins arent always a good idea, your weight may fluctuate a bit and next time you weigh yourself it may show less.

I wouldnt worry though, 2lbs is an estimate, if you lose a bit more than that - thats brilliant :)


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Starlight, as always, is right! If you were eating a lot of junk before and doing no exercise then the first weeks losses will be a little more dramatic than the following weeks. Although it is hard to resist weighing every day only take the reading once a week and it's best to have a more 'official' weigh in like at a Boots store or your local leisure centre. Their scales are better calibrated than bog-standard bathroom scales so that would be a more accurate picture.

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the first weeks losses will be a little more dramatic than the following weeks.
spot on there Taz, the first week is a shock to your system...it will settle down :happy036:
Different people lose weight at different rates. As mentioned above, it is probably water - however the step you've taken (cutting out junk food) often has pretty radical results. It will slow down but it is always good to get started with a bang now, isn't it. :p
Hiya, yep totally normal. I lost 6lb in my first week (last week) which was a shock for me LOL.

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