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am i doing something wrong??


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No you cant complain hun! Everyone loses weight at different rates, and a 6lb loss and then a 3lb loss is brilliant! On average its a stone a month and your well on track for losing that and maybe 1 or 2lbs over :D like you say...on a normal diet 9lbs would take you probably take you 6-8 weeks!

Oooo what car did you get?xx


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Most people do lose 1 stone in the first month and we all seem to achieve it in different amounts so you are well on target after only 2 weeks so dont look at others weight losses as I have never lost big amounts but I am getting there (slowly but surely).

Hope you enjoy your new car, I am sure you will.

Jo x


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I know its difficult, but try not to compare your losses with anyone elses. We are all made differently, and the losses are certainly drastically different, but your losses are still good Marie.

Enjoy your new car hun.


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Your non course for your first stone, it took me 3 weeks so dont worry...Keep gong your losses are great! x


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Hun, your losses are good! Lots of things influence our losses. But mainly....how much do we have to lose to start with. You don't say how much you have to lose but someone with a BMI of 40+ will usually lose more than someone with a BMI of 27.

Just keep going. You should lose the stone in the first month. Your doing great!
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hun your the same height as me and our losses are nearly the same....how much do you want to lose overall?


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Your'e doing fine. Like everyone says we all lose at different rates and it depends how much you have to lose altogether. but you are well on course for a stone in your first month which is more than you would get with any other diet. :)

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