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Original Am i doing something wrong??!!

Hi all, would be grateful for any help/tips or advice please, started slimming world 2 weeks ago, first week lost 3 1/2 pound, so happy about this, just the start i needed to put me on track, stuck to the plan religiously for the past seven days and have some how managed to put on 1 1/2 pound!! friends who have followed the plan have advised to do more red/original days as these are more likely to help you lost the weight, i try to alternate between green and red days put prob do 4 or 5 green and between 2 and 3 red as i have quite a big appetite and feel more full from green days,could this be the problem? I stick to around 5-8 syns per day, is this too many? Thanks in advance!! :)
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I dont think either plan makes you loose weight quicker.. i think its just what ever suits you best. i lost my first 2 and half stone on green days, with the occasionally red and never found that either in perticular made me loose quicker or slower.. i am now on extra easy and find it works fantastic for me, but bar the first week iv had the same sort of losses i had before with the other plans..

Sounds like your doing fine, but just go over your HE and make sure your not over doing it and syning un-intentionally etc, And are you using your syns??? i try to average about 7-12 syns a day if not more!

maybe talk to your consultant and write down everything you eat in a weeks diary thing.

Dont let it get you down too much, all is not lost and you'l figure whats best for you in your own time. relax and enjoy your new eating plan.. and just look forward to what it may bring you. Dont stress to much.. xxxxxxxxxx .. if you like post up what you'v eaten the past few days and we can all take a look for you also :) x


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Are you retaining water? If you started exercising like crazy then this can happen, or it could be your star week. Good advice re writing it all down and having it checked, but whatever you do DON'T give up! You will see it work if you carry on.


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I would suggest that you let us see what you're having to eat during a day so that we can take a look. We might spot something you're missing. And strange as it may sound, a common mistake that newbies make is not eating enough.


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You shouldnt have any problems with having more green days than red. Perhaps you should increase your superfree foods. I find this makes a real difference.

And keep going as the results will show! :)



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I find the more fresh food I eat the better my losses. If I have a week where I have quite a few pasta n sauces or convenience food then my losses aren't as good. Try having lots of fresh food and as others have mentioned pick superfree foods and drink lots of water. It will work, just stick with it :)
my weight loss was exactly the same last week i put a pound on i think it was cause of star week but i find carbs bloat me try having more red days

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