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Am I doing this properly?


One last chance
Ok I'm a little worried if I'm eating properly for the Lite programme. Here's what I've been having in the past 3 days:

Lighterlife Porridge

Lighterlife fudge bar

Here's where I'm confused, in my book it said I need to eat 200-300g of white meat or fish, but the whole fillet of fish weighed less than 200g.

154g Cod (1 whole fillet)
70g cabbage

Lighterlife chocolate shake.
250ml of semi skimmed milk

Am I doing this right? do I have to have oils? am I eating enough?
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Not too sure as I only changed to lite yesterday from total.
I studied my book last night and thought it said you could add two proteins together so you could have added some prawns. Actually im getting myself confused so better go and read the book again!!
You don't have to eat all the food, the protein measurements are only there as guidance. I agree it is hard to eat 300g of chicken! Do try to eat something from each food group though to ensure you are keeping to a balanced diet.

Remember you can eat as many veggies as makes you feel satisfied. I never weigh mine, but 70g doesn't seem like a lot? I usually have about 3 different types to fill the plate up!

Have a look at my photos, I've taken a few photos of my favourite meals and you can see the general portion size I have. The one still in the pan served 3 people. Remember you can mix and match so you could have half meat and half peas or lentils. I usually have half my milk allowance and some yoghurt.

I hope that made sense.


One last chance
Cheers, I saw your pics my goodness, you sure that's lighterlife?! wow looks like proper nice stuff :D

I tried to find your blog but I couldn't find it :p would you be able to send me the link please?
Can't cut and paste as posting from iPhone. It's in the same section as this, about 10 from the top. Jen's daily blog


One last chance
Cheers girly, lol yeh of course we get surprised I mean, when I hear diet, lettuce comes to mind XD

I'm just so scared to go near anything like that being on a VLCD :p
Most of the things I cook are exactly the same as before just with a few ingredients missing, namely pasta, rice and potatoes. Shepherds pie is nice with carrot and swede mash and I make chicken kievs wrapped in bacon instead of bread crumbs. The fish stew is just sauce made from onion, garlic, basil and tinned tomatoes with the fish poached in it. When my husband wanted spaghetti Bolognese I roasted mine inside red peppers, while he had pasta. I have loads more if you get bored of lettuce!!! :)

Don't be worried about eating, as long as you don't eat carbs you should be in ketosis

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Hope you don't mind me jumping on to this thread...

But just wanted to echo what yasmine was saying to you muppetgirly! I was browsing your photos of the meals... and have to agree! Wow!! You are clearly a good cook too, unlike me... I can but hope I can create anything half as good as that lot looks, when it's my time to introduce foodage again!

Mmmm... may be asking for some tips when the time comes! Hehe... ;)


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