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Am I doing this right?

Just wondering if this sounds like I am doing the ee plan right.

Breakfast: melon pineapple grapes 0% greek yog with honey (2 syns)
Snack: alpen light bar (.5 heb)
Lunch: beans on 1 slice of wholemeal and wee pk of buttons (.5 heb + 3 bread+ 4 buttons + 2 lf marg )
Dinner: pots roasted carrot & parsnips petit pois chicken (2 lf marg)
Snacks: apple

13 syns

I know I've used more syns that I'd have liked today, but am I covered with the one third rule do you think?
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Hiya, you'va had no superfree with lunch, and probably not enough with dinner as you only have carrots as sf, what are you having for your hexa? and are you drinking alot?
I dont really use my HEA unless I have cereal in the mornings. I do drink about 1.5 to 2 litres of water today. Lunch was a rush job as I had been out gardening all morning and forgot the time until my wee one told me he was starving :s Maybe I should add more melon & pineapple for dessert after dinner?


I can see an easy way of getting 2 syns off if you wanted. Try not using the marg on the toast the beans make the toast soggy anyway and you probably wouldn't even miss it.

I haven't had marg on sandwiches or toast for years and honestly you really cant tell :D

When i'm doing EE in all honesty and I know i'm naughty and i'm not advocating it but I don't always use my 1/3 superfree at every meal and it didn't do me any harm :eek:

Just sometimes it doesn't fit in with a meal choice and i'm not a big fruit eater as it makes me hungry.


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You really should have your a's and b's for health reasons, don't you drink tea or coffee? or add cheese to meals etc.
you should really be having 1/3 with each meal the idea is to restrict the carb and protein portion side so you dont overeat and so you fill up with superfree before anything else, therefore eating fruit after this sort of defeats the object :)
Extra Easy
[FONT=&quot]Extra Easy[/FONT][FONT=&quot] is the new plan introduced in January 2009. The structure of the plan is the same, free foods, healthy extras and syns. [/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]With this plan you can indulge on foods that are free on either day. You must fill 1/3 of your plate with super free foods (i.e. fruit and vegetables) at each meal.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]"Fill 1/3 of your plate with Superfree Foods and make them your first choice between meals [...]"[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]You have 1 A choice and 1 B choice healthy extras. With syns the number stays the same between 5-15 a day, except you take the lower value, if an item is 3 syns on Green and 4 on Red, you count 3 syns on EE.[/FONT]


[FONT=&quot]hi i hope this clarifies ee for u, i quite often have fruit as my 1/3 superfree but always have it before my meal so helps to fill me up, good luck :)[/FONT]​
I know thats the official rule, but our consultant says that as long as you have 1/3 daily intake it is grand??? I dunno lol

I do drink tea but I take it black. I have a real problem getting HEA into my diet as I don't really use milk or cheese. Maybe it would be better if I stuck to cereal every morning then from now on.


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when it first came out i don't remember the 1/3 free rule even being in place and I struggled to lose on EE, it usually works for people without it but you will see much better losses and is much better for your health with it, its so easy to have half a plate of sw chips with a homemade burger (for example) and no extra so it just teaches you to think about portion control to some extent.

and yes you do really need your a's and b's
Sorry to be a pain again but could someone make sure that my last 2 days are better than this one above lol

Breakfast: Milk Weetabix Banana (HEA + HEB)
Snack: Melon Pineapple
Lunch: Bacon & Lentil Soup - Bacon, red lentils, potato, carrot, tomato, onions
Alpen Light 3
Dinner: Pasta & Bacon - Pasta, Bacon, red, yellow & green peppers, onions, quark
Choc Buttons 3.5
Snack: Ham Melon Pineapple
Total: 6.5 syns

Then today

Breakfast: Banana on wholemeal bread
Lunch: Bacon & Lentil Soup - Bacon, red lentils, potato, carrot, tomato, onions
1/2 Mr kipling Lemon Bakewell 5 syns
Dinner: Roast potatoes, cabbage, carrots, steak pieces, onions, parsnips
Snack: Melon & Pineapple 0% greek yogurt and honey 2 syns
Treat: 2 finger kit kat 6
Total: 13 syns

Please tell me I'm hitting my 1/3 portions ;)

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