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Am I failing to understand this diet???

I have only been on this diet for 3 weeks and not sure I have grasped it properly, I lost weight the first 2 weeks but last week I gained but I do know why. This week I am absolutely starving hungry, think it is to do with my time of the month, but I made the cous cous cake this morning and throughout the day managed to eat all of it... I know it is a free food on EE but should I be eating a whole one in a day even if I am hungry. Am really worried that unless I rein in my eating a bit I wont be losing any more weight...
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aaaargghhhh, that is even worse although I have only had 1 syn today..... how many syns is it? for a whole one?
OMG, nearly 4 times that amount... okay so I have blown it today.... I think I will start an online food diary so that I can have people look at it for a few weeks and let me know what they think.... oh well tomorrow is another day, definately no more couscous cakes.... I do eat about 1/3 superfree, I did have strawberries with my cake.... grrrrrr, am now gutted... I have fruit with my porridge in the morning (28g HEA or is it B).... and veg or salad with my lunch and dinner....
I'm really not sure sorry but I'm sure someone will come along and tell you. The cakes used to be free but then SWHQ said it was a misuse of free food or something as we'd eat far more cous cous in a cake than we'd want to eat normally. I think that's the point anyway...

Don't let that put you off the whole week though.:)

If you're hungry eat free food(as you thought you were doing!) but also superfree if you can stomach all the fruit and veg. Don't be afraid to eat until you're full it's one of the joys of the diet but we need to be selective of course.

Unless you're eating til you're stuffed then I shouldn't worry about your eating habits. A whole cake whether syn free or not probably isn't the wisest choice but then we wouldn't all be here had we made the best choices.:8855:Eat until you're comfortably full and if you need more later on then grab something superfree or free, it won't do you any harm and over time you may find you don't eat so much but it isn't something you need to worry about constantly.
Just another question then, I have been buying Tesco Summer Fruits (frozen) and have it with my porridge in the morning, are these free?
Thank you very much, will definately have another read of my books tomorrow....

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