Am I falling at the first hurdle? :(

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  1. MiniMinx

    MiniMinx Member

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to this forum but not new to this diet. I did this diet this time last year and lost 16kg in 2 months but still had another 13kg to lose but quit.. Since then I have put on 6kg over the year and started the diet this last Monday.

    Everything was going well until today... when I ate some chicken and salad....but ate a couple of shells of pasta as well. I was wondering if I have come out of ketosis? Have I ruined this whole week of dieting..I think I am loosing the battle before I have actually begun.

    Similarly, I find it so difficult to drink all the shakes... is this weird? I then get hungry and I eat. I don't know how to find the motivation again like I did last year... apart from summer is coming.

    I still have 15kg to lose to get to my goal weight :(

    and can someone help me to make a weight lost timeline. maybe this will motivate me in some senses.

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  3. mathswiz

    mathswiz Always Struggling...

    Hi MiniMinx,

    Can I ask what diet you are doing?

    Motivation is an odd thing really. I have found that you really need to get your head together before you embark on the mission of losing weight. Have you got a holiday coming up? Any special occassions? Parties? Any old photos that you hate? You can put them up to remind yourself that you don't want to be there anymore....
  4. MiniMinx

    MiniMinx Member

    this diet works and as you say when your motivated its a doddle.

    see the thing is one minute I am really motivated but I get swayed very easily if I am around the wrong kind of people. I think I just need to stay away from those who try to sway me i guess.

    I don't have anything planned...but maybe I should book something to motivate me. :) thanks for your reply
  5. MiniMinx

    MiniMinx Member

    o sorry... i am on the cambridge diet
  6. mathswiz

    mathswiz Always Struggling...

    When I first started dieting back in late Jan 2009, I decided to try to steer clear of "food" situations for a while until I lost some weight. The weight loss will motivate you to keep going.

    I know it's not very sociable, but if you find it difficult coping while others around you are eating stuff you can't...then the best thing is for you not to be there in the first place....

    I wish you luck on your journey, Miniminx! :)

    Love the username btw!
  7. MiniMinx

    MiniMinx Member

    haha its the first username i thought of when i signed up. lol

    well i know last year the way I did it was by staying in the library while I was studying and not going near the canteen that kept me going.... and when I went home I had to be away from the kitchen. I need to stay captive.

    I have two stones left to go really.... so I guess thats no socializing for two months.. and leading a bit of a jail life.

    At the beginning of the week I am so motivated until friday and then I just go off the rails on the weekend. It has just been stop and start for me since January. I have had enough of my stupid antics I don't think I am helping myself... and not saving any money on a student budget and buying shakes.

    argghh... i hope this is not a battle for the rest of my life
  8. mathswiz

    mathswiz Always Struggling...

    It's difficult Miniminx. Some people fight the battle all their lives and never quite win it. It depends on how determined you are. If you are determined, then re-ignite your motivation each day and you will find it easier as soon as you see some results. :)

    I've had enough of stopping and starting. It does nothing for me and dents my confidence. I have decided once and for all to put a stop to this. And it's going to happen!

    It'll be worth it in the end. ;)
  9. MiniMinx

    MiniMinx Member

    i think if I can get through the first week without cheating I will be fine. I feel sometimes I just start the diet to make me feel better then I think I have done so well for a couple of days then I reward myself with a big binge. It is terrible.

    I saw that you have lost about 2 stones. how long did that take you if you don't mind me asking.

    and also how do you past your weight lost details and how much you have lost. I haven't managed to figure it out yet. and it won't also let me put my details in.

    thankkk youuu
  10. mathswiz

    mathswiz Always Struggling...

    Hi Miniminx,

    I don't mind you asking at all. :)

    I have lost just over 21 lbs so far have just finished Week 11 of my dieting journey. For the first 9 weeks, I did the Celebrity Slim diet which is a low carb diet and uses shakes / bars / soups etc. I lost 15 lbs in 9 weeks. I was never hungry on that but never really lost a significant amount of weight so I wanted to go for something with more weight loss.

    I am currently doing Exante Total Solution which also uses shakes / bars / soups. I am having 3 packs per day and don't feel hungry. Also, their products do not contain any artificial colourings or preservatives.

    I lost 6.5 lbs on my first week of Exante which I was over the moon about!

    So 15 lbs off using CS and 6.5 lbs off with Exante. I am going to carry on using Exante as I really like their products.

    I think you may need to post more than 50 posts on this site to be able to have a bigger signature. If you click on my weight loss ticker, it will take you to the site where you can create your own and keep track of your progress. :)

    I know what you mean about rewarding yourself with food. But you will have to find other ways of rewarding yourself. Facial? Shopping? etc

    You will get there. You just need to get yourself started. Once your motivation is in place and you start losing weight, you won't want to stop until you get to goal! :D
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