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I dont know if it because my work colleague has just had some tomato soup but my tummy is starting to rumble. I have had my strawberry shake mid morning and i am going to have my vanilla shake any time now... but her soup just smelt and looked sooooo good. I am determined i wont have a slip up though - I WILL LOSE WEIGHT IF IT KILLS ME!!!!!

has anyone else felt like this - its only day 3 so i know i should still be full of enthusiasm but i just fancied something to eat...


can anyone tell me what the soup actually is like? is it like water with no taste?


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You're probably not fully into ketosis yet, when you are you'll loose all physical hunger pangs (might have some mental though).
The LT soup isn't so bad, I've had worse things.

Keep on going, it'll get better the more time passes, and well doen for getting to day 3 because not everyone does.

hiya never tried the soup but first few days i was hungry until ketosis kicked in, just resist, i just tell myself what do i want more? to eat, or be thin??! thin wins hands down!
aww thanks - you are so right - i want to be thin more than i want to eat something.....

i have parcelled all the freezer food up and put it in bottom of the freezer so the only things in there now are pre-bought meals for my OH and son and if it dont go ping from microwave or go into over to heat up - they dont get it unless they do it themselves........ Maybe once I am in ketosis i will be able to manage the cooking bit for them again - but for the meantime i am not messing about with food!!!!!


Life is not a Rehersal!

I had hunger pangs for a long time! I was one of the unfortunate ones, but you know, they didnt bother me! I would have rather had those feelings than the feelings of bloatedness that I had for years before..seriously......they werent gut wrenching starving feeling, just rumbles all the time, but I just kept drinking and drinking and drinking the good old water.

You will find that food becomes a fascination and you will start to sniff and smell at it :)!!! I am sure lots on here will tell you all about their experiences :)!

You are doing great and once you are in ketosis fully and got your first WI out of the way, you will be gunning and there will be no stopping you as the weight literally just falls off you before your eyes.

Keep going and have a great few days!


Life is not a Rehersal!
Oh, by the way, I had the soup (I am refeeding now), and I enjoyed it, but there are others that absolutely hate it! I used to make it with 240ml to start, but at the end I was making it with around 400-500ml of water.

I would try it just to see, you never know you might surprise yourself. I just needed to be warm sometimes as the shakes always made me cold as I used crushed ice...the warmth is very comforting!


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well done on getting half way through the week. As the others say once in ketosis you should feel tonnes better. Try the soup, you may just love it! Best of luck, not long now till that first weigh in.
hi, once you get into ketosis you should stop having the hunger pangs.. as 4 the tummy rumbles mine still does but usually around the time im due 4 my next shake... mental temptation for food never goes away i think because whatever my kids are eating always look absolutely delicious to me (even soggy chips covered in ketchup lol)
but its all about mind over matter and if you keep drinking your water you should be fine .. good luck hun xx
Well done so far :) It DOES get better!

I find if I get a rumbly tummy or feelings of hunger I drink water and it goes away :)

I am undecided on the soup, Sometimes it didn`t taste too bad, Other times it made me gag :-/

I`m now on purely choc shakes lol

LiSe x



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I am now into week 4 and still get hunger pangs/rumbling tummy but have a strong coffee with sweeteners tends to take them away. I have been in the face of temptation (a sick friend made me go buy them KFC a week or so ago - but I resisted and in fact was only interested in the corn on the cob - go figure !!!). I have the LT soup regularly as my "evening meal" and its quite nice - not that much different to a well know brand of Slimasoups and I make it with approx 400mls of water. Some find it an acquired taste - me I currently like everything even the flapjacks !!! lol Good luck and keep your resolve by remembering why you are doing this - after the first week its a breeze :D
I still get hunger pangs but i like the feeling of them as you know your body will be using its stores (fat)to stop them
I also tried the soup and couldn't think of a word to describe them but MINGING YUK saying that i drink the shakes only and they wasn't so great at first but now they taste like there made with milk
so your taste does alter maybe i might try soup again sometime !

debz x
Im in week 7 and im constantly hungry. Its part and parcel of the diet I find. You will be better for it in the long run though.

I find the soup too rich, its is very strong and there isn't enough salt for my taste. Each to their own though. You may like it.
My tummy rumbles but I don't think I'm hungry, just keen for something to give me a nice taste in the mouth. Black coffee is my saviour!!

I'm a soup hater but I haven't tried it since my first week last time, I will try it again when the weather changes for the worse.

It is worth trying all flavours, I love all the rest, peanut flapjacks included!!!!

Well done so far :) It DOES get better!

I find if I get a rumbly tummy or feelings of hunger I drink water and it goes away :)

I am undecided on the soup, Sometimes it didn`t taste too bad, Other times it made me gag :-/

I`m now on purely choc shakes lol

LiSe x
am i mistaken or what!!! thought you gave up the l/trim cause of your d.system so why are you still giving advice to stick to the plan, and your on the choc shakes now - explain - if you gave up tfr where are you getting the shakes from now???

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