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am i making wise choices? any help appreciated!


will hit target this time
okay so technically it's only my 2nd day doing weight watchers pro points plan, but i did it earlier in the year and failed miserably (ending up weighing more than when i started!), so am now paranoid about making good food choices with my points!

i know what healthy eating is, and i know what's good for me and what's not. but thing is, i'm staying within my points but - you've probably all hard this before - i feel like its all a bit too good to be true!

if anyone could have a quick look over my food diary i'd be so grateful, it's the 1st link in my signature! only 2 diaries on there so far, and tonight as i have 15PP leftover i plan on having a ww chicken tikka masala ready meal (about 10PP i think..) and probably a rice krispie square aswell (3PP)

not used any weeklies yet, as i'm going to try and save them for a bit of a treat on monday night after WI!

be great if anyone could help me out, as i'm terrified of putting on again as i'm trying my very best to stick to plan! :eek:
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Hi, you seem to be keeping to your points, I would just say try and have more veg, as you know from SW its filling and 0 points, plus you need your 5 a day.

Keep up the good work


I can haz cake?
just as long as the majority of points is going to food rather than junk food, and you are eating regularly (rather than saving points up all day for a bad meal) then you will be perfectly fine.

It does seem too good to be true at the beginning but try not to stress, or weigh yourself until your actual weigh in date. Stress has been proven to have a negative impact on weightloss, so just enjoy it.


will hit target this time
thanks very much! i found that is what i tended to do first time round; save my points up so i could just have junk instead of a proper meal! something just seems to have clicked this time though, like i had some salted nuts and a few roast potatoes at work last night so i didn't have my ready meal when i got in as i had a feeling i'd have gone over my points! thanks for the advice xxx
Hi gracie, good luck with your plan. Just looking at your diary and you don't seem to eat three meals a day - you had a flump and snacks for lunch a couple of days ago - are you perhaps setting yourself up for sugar highs and lows? I'd be quite hungry on your plan as it's mostly convenience and high fat foods in low quantities - you could have more for better value propoints and still lose whilst also improving your health by reducing saturated fat in your diet - just my tuppence worth!


will hit target this time
thanks for your advice, its just that fridays to sundays are abit tricky meal wise as i work long hours in a pub so often don't get in till late at night. the day i had the flump and crisps i had a bug and it's all i could stomach i'm afraid.. my mondays to thursdays will be much more organised :) x

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